ISO Analysts' Summary Package

The Analysts’ Summary Package from ISO is a collection of timely reports on the property/casualty insurance industry’s financial and underwriting results. Designed for actuaries, underwriters, consultants, and investment professionals, these accurate and easily assimilated publications will give you valuable insights into the rapidly changing property/casualty marketplace.

When you subscribe to the Analysts’ Summary Package, you get all these analytical tools:

Industry Financial Results

A quarterly summary that examines the property/casualty industry’s performance, including consolidated net income, underwriting results, investment gains, and surplus. The report shows you, at a glance, the rise and fall of combined ratios and trends in premium growth. You also get results by type of insurer. And the respected “page-four” analysis provides unique insights into major trends affecting insurers, such as asbestos and environmental losses, results by line of business, and catastrophe experience, among others. When you subscribe to the Analysts’ Summary Package, you get email delivery of the quarterly reports and related press releases at no extra charge. Industry Financial Results is also available separately. And for detail on individual large insurers, see ISO’s Top 100 Insurer Financial Results.

Fast Track Experience

A quarterly analysis of loss ratio experience for the major personal and commercial lines. The data comes from the industry’s accelerated monitoring system. In addition, for personal auto and homeowners, Fast Track Experience gives you the most current available information on claim cost, claim frequency, and pure premium trends.

Advisory Loss Cost Level Activity Report

A quarterly report showing ISO’s approved and pending changes in advisory prospective loss costs by state for each line of insurance and major coverage. This is the same report we send to the CEOs of the 1,500 insurers that use our services.

Top 100 Insurer Financial Results

A quarterly report that provides 27 fields of underwriting and financial data by quarter and year-to-date for each of the one hundred largest property/casualty insurance groups. The information is available as a PDF report and as an Excel® spreadsheet package. The PDF report displays data for the most recent year-to-date period. You get both dollar values and percent changes from the same period a year earlier. The spreadsheet version provides information quarterly and year-to-date from 1995 onwards, arranged in chronological order. For each combination of year and quarter, you get data for the top 100 insurance groups, sorted in descending order by written premium. The spreadsheet version also shows the percentage of premium attributable to personal lines for each group and indicates whether each of the top 100 insurers is a stock company, mutual, or reciprocal and whether each is an agency company or direct writer. (For information on purchasing Top 100 Insurer Financial Results separately, please see the product page.)