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Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights

Stop guessing. Start leveraging the predictive power of ASDI for insights, analysis, and better decision-making.

Enhance your actuarial analysis with Verisk’s unrivaled data assets and actuarial expertise.

Deep analytics + Expert analysis: Better decision‑making with the help of ASDI

Four actuaries at a table discussing data.

Deep analytics + Expert analysis: Better decision‑making with the help of ASDI

With Verisk’s Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights you can now leverage the predictive power of one of the world’s largest insurance databases. Using Verisk’s robust data to supplement your own experience, you’ll be better positioned to make more-informed decisions about product pricing, marketing, underwriting, reserve adequacy, and reinsurance needs.

With this tool, you’ll get industry-leading insights and unrivaled access to actuarial analysis, along with the methods, formulas, and judgments of our professional staff of actuaries. You’ll be able to use data to help power your decision-making on topics such as loss and premium trend, risk classifications, and expenses.

More insights. More analyses. All with Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights.1

Check out our circular release schedule for 2023.

Access to deep analytics that can help fuel informed decisions

Verisk’s Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights, available by line of insurance, offers an array of reports with deep data and analyses on a wide range of topics.

How our customers can use Verisk data as a benchmark

With the help of our compilations and analyses, you can evaluate your own company’s experience against one of the industry’s largest insurance databases.

Using the results of your comparison, you can focus on problem areas in your book of business and weigh alternate underwriting strategies or claims practices. You can be better positioned to identify profitable new markets to enter or new classes of business to write by evaluating differences in experience across states, territories, and classes.

If you need specialized data that our standard reports don’t display, we can prepare customized reports and data files according to criteria you define. Your Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights participation even entitles you to a discount on any customized report you order.

In-depth analysis that’s easy to use and understand

Our team of actuaries compiles and analyzes complex data so you don’t have to, presenting the data in formats actuaries and non-actuaries alike can easily use and understand. In our reports, we’ve designed the exhibits and written the accompanying explanations to be clear and informative.

In addition to providing vital information, our reports make valuable training and educational tools for your actuarial staff. And if you have any questions about the analyses, Verisk’s professional team of actuaries is always ready to help.

Easily incorporate Verisk data and methodologies into your workflow

Actuary reading from a laptop.

Easily incorporate Verisk data and methodologies into your workflow

The spreadsheets provided facilitate faster and simpler integration of Verisk’s aggregate data and analyses into your decision-making.

You can take advantage of the formulas built into our spreadsheet files to present your own company data and automate your analyses in reports similar to Verisk’s. You can then easily compare your results with Verisk’s aggregate benchmark to help identify problems to address or markets in which you can competitively target your business.

You can also readily extend or adapt the analyses by changing the assumptions on trend, loss development, and other parameters, or performing "what-if" analyses to gain additional insight into the Verisk calculations.

50 years of experience in 15 lines of insurance

When you subscribe to Verisk’s Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights, you receive the benefit of our expertise and 50 years of experience in 15 lines of insurance. Verisk maintains one of the largest private insurance databases in the world, meaning you can be confident that every analysis you receive is based on reliable, credible data. No individual insurer’s database can even approach the size and credibility of Verisk’s database.

Select the lines you need

Five actuaries in a conference room sharing information.

Select the lines you need

Verisk's Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights are available by line of insurance. Select any or all of the following lines to meet your needs.

  • Personal automobile
  • Homeowners
  • Dwelling fire and allied lines
  • Personal inland marine
  • Commercial automobile
  • General liability
  • Medical professional liability
  • Professional liability (other than medical)2
  • Commercial fire and allied lines
  • Businessowners
  • Commercial package policy
  • Farm
  • Commercial inland marine
  • Crime
  • Equipment breakdown

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  1. Formerly Actuarial Service.
  2. Includes information for Management Protection and Employment-Related Practices Liability.

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