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Life Insurance

Redefine “possible” to innovate without limits

What if you could build it as fast as you can dream it? What if you could move data seamlessly across your capabilities? It’s possible: To select risk efficiently and accurately, to automate compliance, to empower agents with less home office support. Now, what if you could reach these goals at a fraction of your current system’s cost?

We’re changing how life insurers implement technology. It starts here.

What’s in your ecosystem?

We give you the power to choose: An end-to-end solution set or just what you need to strengthen your capabilities.

Don’t spend years on an implementation that’s outdated the day it goes live. Plug and play with simplified, ready-made components. Lower the cost of ownership and future-proof your systems as you harmonize technology, data, and analytics.

Explore our solutions that span the product and customer life cycle.

Create unique products

Create Unique Products

Create unique products

Acquire agility and scalability to innovate and test quickly, pivot toward changes and opportunities, expand on a solid footing of data and analytic insights, and pull it all together with seamless integration using Verisk’s FAST technology platform.

  • Conceptualize and design products in weeks, not months with a versatile toolkit.
  • Configuration processes and workflows with out-of-the-box APIs.
  • Tap Verisk’s half-century of experience and regulatory relationships for compliance and filing.
  • Access a robust testing environment for fast sprints to the finish line.

Better serve agents and elevate the buying experience

Elevate The Buying Experience

Better serve agents and elevate the buying experience

Help agents to take more applications with fewer questions, guiding customers into tailored buyer experiences that build lasting relationships. With minimal information from consenting applicants, gather multisource information enriched by insight for a near-complete picture of your customer. Dynamically guide buyers’ experiences based on their unique preferences and data. Help consumers understand their options with reliable cost projections and recommendations based on stated needs or customer profiles.

  • Gather data from users with rules-based inputs and external sources.
  • Be ready for mobile.
  • Configure rules, inputs, and interface look and feel.
  • Deliver scenario-based quoting from potential risk variables.
  • Efficiently manage forms and compliance.
  • Support low-touch transactions with digital signatures.
  • Leverage internal and external partnerships to add value.

Underwrite with confidence

Apply cutting-edge technology, data, and analytics through groundbreaking solutions that help refine life, annuity, and pension risk selection from the individual to the portfolio level. Automatically summarize electronic health records (EHRs) to reduce cycle time. Identify smokers quickly and reliably using noninvasive data. Spend 67% less on driving history without sacrificing risk insight. Use stochastic mortality estimation to add risk elements to a block pricing model, especially for reinsurance and pension risk transfer.

Gain access to:

  • A well-equipped underwriting workbench
  • Integrated evidence providers
  • A FAST rules engine to collect and assess evidence and orchestrate the processing
  • Integration with other underwriting rules engines

Master policy management

Master Policy Management

Master policy management

Provide customers and agents direct, real-time access to their applications, policies, customers, and commissions, and better manage trust and clearing functions. Support guided experiences for customers, which give customers the appropriate information and recommendations at the right step in the process. Reduce the dependency on home office users to support their business, allowing carriers to scale without adding resources.

  • Customizable user dashboards
  • Access to Policy / Customer / Case / Commission data, and more
  • Self-service and policy/customer update transactions
  • Template styles for simplified theming
  • Configurable forms for any portal function
  • Integration with analytics tools

Integrate fraud detection, compliance, and claims automation

Fight fraud and support compliance with robust data and automation, from sales to claims and spanning life, disability, and long-term care operations.

Consistent claims processing workflows, with configuration to support the uniqueness of any carrier or claim type. Direct integration with data sources, to complete prerequisite information without user interaction. Dynamic processing - expedite payouts based on collected data.

Take your life insurance business to new heights

Find out how Verisk can support you. Send your information and we’ll contact you.

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