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Tornado Claims Solutions

Accelerated tornado data for faster response

Quickly and accurately identify tornadic signatures in the atmosphere in near-real time. Respond’s cloud-based radar processing pipeline incorporates the latest research, such as the detection of rotation and debris ball, to create a probabilistic look at where tornadoes are likely to be on the ground. Customers can see where tornadoes occurred only minutes after the fact, and benefit from full visualization of tornado track from touch down to lift-up.


Track Tornados As They Happen

Track tornados as they happen

Respond provides a probabilistic view of where tornadoes may have been on the ground. Incorporating cutting-edge radar technology and the latest research on tornadogenesis, Respond even recognizes debris lifted into the atmosphere.

Entire Event Tornado Data

Entire event tornado data

Respond is available in near-real time, providing critical insight during and immediately following a tornado event. While it can take several days or weeks for the national weather service to complete their damage assessments, Respond lets you expedite your claims process and start recovery efforts faster.

While early reports of tornados often focus on major population centers that have been impacted, Respond gives you the full picture, following the entire swath from where the tornado touched down to where it ended. Respond is delivered in shapefile format for viewing in a GIS platform, like Respond MAP.

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Respond MAP

Respond Map

Respond MAP

Visualize tornado impact

In Respond MAP, you can overlay policy locations and see the likelihood that they were affected by a tornado. Respond presents this information as a weighted probability between 0% and 100% that a tornado was on the ground. With five percent contours, you can get a high-resolution model that doesn’t compromise accuracy.

Regardless of whether a tornado occurred in a densely populated city or a rural cornfield where no one was watching, Respond captures all areas where a tornado could have impacted.

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Order tornado claims weather data

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