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Personal Property Solutions

Rating and Underwriting

The right information guides smart decisions from start to finish

With more complex personal property risks and rising customer expectations, how can insurers keep pace in the market and maintain underwriting and pricing discipline? Verisk has answers with deep data resources, powerful analytics, and fast delivery via InsurTech platforms.

Property information—wherever your risks are

Location Insights

Property information—wherever your risks are

Risk-specific, address-level information helps inform underwriting and pricing, portfolio management, and renewals through a suite of solutions that consolidate critical data.

Know property features

360value Personal

Generate reliable estimates across your portfolio

Replacement cost estimates (RCE) fluctuate as homeowners improve properties and building material prices rise and fall. Reliable RCEs can guide appropriate protection.

Learn about 360Value 
Smartsource Prefill Data

Accelerate property underwriting with prefill data

Get ahead with a multisource property prefill database that analyzes diverse data sources to identify the most reliable information per characteristic.​

Learn about SmartSource 
Aerial Imagery Analytics

See critical property characteristics and changes

Data derived from aerial imagery through machine learning can help insurers identify exposures and automate more accurate underwriting throughout the policy lifecycle.

Learn about Aerial Imagery Analytics 
Cellphone Image Capture

Take your inspections digital, quickly

Identify and verify critical risk characteristics while collaborating with policyholders to build trust, increase engagement, and minimize on-site inspections.

Learn about OneXperience 

1 in 100 insured homes has been vacant at least 90 days

Homeowner Data

1 in 100 insured homes has been vacant at least 90 days

Actionable property-level information on foreclosures, LLCs, mortgages, ownership and occupancy status, rental history, and sale activity helps you understand risk.

About 70% of homeowners polices have no past claims

A Plus Personal Lines

About 70% of homeowners polices have no past claims

You can reduce uprating after the initial quote, improve the customer experience, and win and retain more business. And we can help you optimize loss history costs with informed decisions on ordering full-detail reports—at quote start.

Understand property condition

Structure Major Systems

Understand the health of a structure’s major systems

Knowing the health and age of a structure’s major systems—building,  mechanical, electrical, and plumbing—can support accurate and customer-friendly risk assessment.

Learn about Major Systems 
Personal Property Roof

Know your true roof exposure

A roof is a critical property underwriting attribute. Insurers need to know its condition—and uncover any hidden damage.

Learn about the Roof Underwriting Report for Homeowners 
Change Detection Hero

Monitor critical changes at renewal

Uncover events that shift a property’s risk profile to help you capture accurate premium, underwrite to your risk appetite, and support your profitability.

Learn about Change Detection 
Condition Score

Keep score on property upkeep and improvements

The pace of property remodels, updates, and maintenance is increasing. If not captured, this could undermine pricing, new business underwriting, and portfolio management.

Learn about Condition Score 

Evolve your acquisition and quoting

Lightspeed Property

Evolve your acquisition and quoting

Accelerate profitable growth and automated underwriting with targeted data. LightSpeed® for Homeowners is a configurable data solution that pulls critical information upfront in the workflow.

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