Smart decisions start with the right information

With growing complexity in personal property risk and rising customer expectations, how do insurers achieve sound underwriting and pricing at a competitive pace?

Answers are within reach with deep data resources, powerful analytics, and fast delivery via InsurTech platforms from Verisk.

Verisk Residential Property Data Intelligence


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Property features and condition

Reliable, quality data helps you prefill quotes, establish insurance to value, verify the age, condition, and characteristics of a roof, understand updates to major systems, score the condition of a property, detect changes at renewal, obtain unique property insights, while tapping into ground-truth data so your policyholders get the right level of protection. And our InsurTech inspection optimization solution can help deliver real-time identification and verification of property details.

Location of property

Risk-specific, address-level information guides underwriting and pricing, portfolio management, and fully informed renewals through a suite of solutions that put critical data in one place.


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Actionable, property-level information on foreclosures, LLCs, mortgages, ownership and occupancy status, rental history, bankruptcies, and sale activity helps you minimize risk.

Enhance pricing segmentation

Advanced techniques and unique data sources help better estimate underwriting risk and calculate corresponding premiums with robust predictive analytics.


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Bring home satisfied customers with our loss history solutions

Our tools can help you reduce uprating after the initial quote, improve the customer experience, and win and retain more business.


Catastrophe Risk

Climate change and population shifts toward disaster-prone areas are heightening the need for insurers to understand their catastrophe exposure.

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Reconstruction cost growth continues at a steady rate

Verisk recently released its latest 360Value® Quarterly Cost Update, which offers an overview of current reconstruction cost trends at the national and state/provincial levels for the United States and Canada from July 2018 to July 2019.

Growing wildfire exposure feeds need to grasp risk factors

A record-breaking 2018 wildfire season in California—with ominous signals suggesting more of the same to come—is lending urgency to insurers’ search for tools to achieve accurate risk assessment, prudent underwriting, and effective mitigation of wildfire risk wherever possible.

ISO releases new, updated national state building code report

In the wake of recent storms such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, devastating wildfires in California, and other natural disasters, resilience has become more important than ever. Communities across the United States are calling for better preparation, response, and recovery—for when, not if, the next major disaster strikes.