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Personal Property Solutions

The right data can help your customers feel right at home

More complex risks and generational shifts in purchasing are transforming personal property insurance. Verisk has tools to help you adapt to the changing environment - from details that please your customers to strategic insights that help guide your market strategy.

Verisk’s innovative products and tools span the personal property policy life cycle

Discover broader, deeper data

Determining the right level of protection requires detailed knowledge, from foundation to rooftop, sidewalk to garden shed. Learn how Verisk residential property intelligence solutions can help you better underwrite and manage risk.


Verisk is here for you: during evaluation and set up

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Maximize actionable underwriting data at bind and renewal

Evaluating property risk is increasingly complex and data-intensive. You can simplify workflows and accelerate underwriting and rating with a consolidated, wide-ranging, and continually updated source.

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Simpler Reconstruction

Quickly integrate and connect to the Verisk ecosystem

Integrating new data sources and technology can demand significant IT resources and time. Verisk backs its underwriting data solutions with a robust, flexible architecture to deliver near-instantaneous information when insurers need it.

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Florida's market and regulatory forces are changing the profile of roof exposure for many insurers. Powerful data and analytics can help maintain a clear picture.

Gain a comprehensive view of property risk

Monitor changes at renewal

Property Condition

Monitor changes at renewal

From a new pool to a new vacancy, the homes you insure and the people who own them can present ever-evolving risk profiles. Discovering property change events helps insurers obtain a clearer view of their portfolio to help focus on profitability, maintain underwriting standards, and focus on new business growth.

Stay Prepared Ahead Of Rising Disasters

Ice, Fire, Wind, and Water

This report examines recent activity, trends, and data-driven tools to help insurers and communities better measure and mitigate risk surrounding three especially destructive categories of hazards: Hail and severe thunderstorms, wildfires, and hurricanes.

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Get reliable replacement costs for every property in your portfolio

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Get reliable replacement costs for every property in your portfolio

Replacement costs can fluctuate for properties you insure when homeowners make improvements and building material prices rise and fall. Reliable component-based, claims-driven replacement cost estimates are available to help keep policyholders better protected.

Data-driven intelligence for homeowners insurers

Executive Insights

Data-driven intelligence for homeowners insurers

Powered by Verisk’s Core Lines Services, Executive Insights reports feature a snapshot of the state of insurance through the unique prism of Verisk’s expert analysis and proprietary data, including billions of granular statistical records from insurers across the U.S.

Have you explored nonrate actions on your book?

Personal Property

Have you explored nonrate actions on your book?

A hardening market and profit pressures are continuing points of focus for property insurers. Nonrate actions can be the fastest ways to find missing premium and avoid increased risk.

Pursuing new markets can be challenging. See how Verisk's ecosystem can help.

What our customers are saying

Verisk is ahead of the curve in offering data to its insurer customers in novel ways that allow us to generate new value for the insurance consumer. By embedding high-quality risk data deeply within our underwriting, we can deliver on the vision of a better experience for the modern insurance buyer.

  • Steve Lekas
  • Co-founder and chief executive officer at Branch

Verisk’s solutions help us build upon a solid and substantial foundation, enhancing our ability to bring tailored coverage options to homeowners across the United States.

  • Ty Harris
  • Chief executive officer and co-founder of Openly

Verisk provides the cutting-edge, InsurTech solutions we need to maintain our policyholder-first mentality as we aim to set the new standard in home protection in an increasingly complex and challenging market.

  • David Howard
  • Chief executive officer of VYRD

The simplicity of 360Value saves our agents time by dependably prefilling more accurate underwriting information when evaluating a risk, whether it’s related to a home, commercial premises or agricultural property.

  • Donny Kaneshiro
  • Vice president of operations and underwriting at Mountain West

As we continue to fuel our digital transformations, leveraging the industry's most longstanding and robust fire protection data points from Verisk will help us better serve our customers and improve our competitive position in the market.

  • Jason VanSteenburg
  • Vice president and director of marketing at Pioneer State Mutual

Verisk supports research and education to reduce the scope and severity of wildfire losses, working with community-level mitigation programs to track participation.

Evaluating property risk is increasingly complex and data-intensive. Learn how Verisk can help:

Additional insights

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Climate change vs. climate variability: their impact on insured losses

Catastrophe models help better understand and quanitfy insured losses caused by climate change and climate variability.

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Wildfire: Insurers and communities adapt to an ever-growing threat

Wildfires have moved rapidly to the fore as an exposure for insurers to understand and manage in states at high risk for this peril.

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What happens after catastrophes? Protection in a time of loss

Despite mitigation measures, natural hazards may still cause damage, and insurers need actionable data to guide underwriting and pricing.

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From estimating to calculating: Predictive modeling and machine learning remove the guesswork from evaluations.

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Having the best of both worlds in property and auto inspections

Determining or verifying key risk characteristics of insured property or vehicles can be costly, labor-intensive, and time-consuming.

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Q1 Quarterly Report 23

Reconstruction cost dips signal increased market stabilization

Total reconstruction costs, including materials and labor, increased 3.1% from April 2022 to 2023. Costs continue to slow down and steady.

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