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Personal Property Solutions

The right data can help your customers feel right at home

More complex risks and generational shifts in purchasing are transforming personal property insurance. Verisk has tools to help you adapt to the changing environment - from details that please your customers to strategic insights that help guide your market strategy.

The Lifecycle of a Property

Lifecycle Of A Property

The Lifecycle of a Property

Discovering property change events helps insurers obtain a clearer view of their portfolio to help focus on profitability, maintain underwriting standards, focus on new business growth, and help homeowners protect their investments with adequate coverage.

Discover broader, deeper data

Determining the right level of protection requires detailed knowledge, from foundation to rooftop, sidewalk to garden shed. Learn how Verisk residential property intelligence solutions can help you better underwrite and manage risk.


Pursuing new markets can be challenging. See how Verisk's ecosystem can help.

Taking cover: Mastering the challenges of roof risk

Roof Risk

The cost and structural complexity of a roof, coupled with its critical role as protection from the elements, can raise particular concerns for many property insurance underwriters. Verisk estimates U.S. roof claims exceeded $19 billion just in 2021, making up about 30 percent of all property loss dollars.

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Innovative solutions that span the policy life cycle

Lightspeed Property Hero

From quote

Multistep quoting can miss the rising expectations of today's consumers. Serve them quickly through InsurTech platforms, deep data resources, and powerful analytics.

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Change Detection Hero

To renewal

Changes in ownership and maintenance or new additions and renovations may reflect owners’ shifting circumstances. And fluctuating labor and materials markets can affect reconstruction costs.

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Maximize actionable underwriting data at bind and renewal

Lightspeed And Change Detection Thumbnail

Evaluating property risk is increasingly complex and data-intensive. You can simplify workflows and accelerate underwriting and rating with a consolidated, wide-ranging, and continually updated source.

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Make informed portfolio decisions

Make Informed Portfolio Decisions

Make informed portfolio decisions

Uncovering aggregate effects of individual homeowner change events can help you improve profitability and optimize resources for new business growth.

A comprehensive view of property risk™

A Comprehensive View Of Property

Support consistent, granular underwriting and rating with simplified workflows powered by deep analytics and actionable data.

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Additional insights

Hailstorm Socal

Hail in Southern California: Making sense of hail’s changing geography

Hail is spreading out into new regions of the country that aren’t traditionally exposed to hail risk.

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Roof Risk

Capturing the flavors of roof risk with reliable data

Multiple homeowners insurers sought solutions to challenges around roof risk, and Verisk has created case studies to follow their journeys.

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Lifecycle Property

How can changes in home ownership and occupancy create hidden risks?

Knowing a property's history, including changes in ownership and occupancy, is essential to paint a vivid picture of a property's condition.

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Value At Renewal For Personal Property

Capture insurance to value at renewal for personal property

With renovations increasing rapidly, the pressure to monitor property changes has increased to promote premium and ITV alignment.

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The Life Cycle Of Property

Three renovation trends that are important for insurers to monitor

By uncovering property change events during the policy life cycle, insurers can better understand their book of business.

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Reliable Prefill Data

Reliable prefill data helps boost homeowners underwriting confidently

SmartSource in 360Value gives personal property insurers the current and comprehensive data they need to underwrite with confidence.

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