With the right data, your customers can feel right at home

The growing complexity of risks and generational shifts in buying behavior are transforming personal property insurance.

For this changing environment, Verisk is there with the tools to adapt—from the details that make your customers feel valued to the strategic insights that set your course in the marketplace.

The digital disruption age has arrived

Consumer purchasing behavior has changed dramatically in the past few years. How have you seen the insurance industry adapt to retain and attract customers? Watch the video.


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Deliver the right quote, the first time

A multi-step quoting process can fall short of the rising expectations of today's consumers. Verisk helps you serve them quickly through InsurTech platforms, deep data resources, and powerful analytics.

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Rating and Underwriting

Select and price risks more accurately with robust data.

Forms, Loss Costs, and Statistical Reporting

Stay compliant and prepare for emerging risks.

Catastrophe Risk

Identify areas of historical and emerging risk to the properties you insure.

Business Intelligence Tools

Sharpen risk selection with powerful data and analytics.

Understanding the Opportunities for Personal Lines Cyber Insurance

A Verisk survey finds two-thirds of respondents are concerned about the possibility of a cyberattack. Our paper delves into insights from the survey, exploring possible reasons for low take-up rates and how more people could be motivated to seek coverage.

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Millennials are 22 percent of the U.S. adult population*. How will you cover them?

Today’s prospects aren’t always in the usual places. Millennials may not even have a permanent address—but they have property to protect.

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*U.S. Census Bureau

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