Insurers need to be sure to rate exposures properly. When reviewing one insurer’s book, ISO found seven times more exposures than listed for a particular risk. Such incorrectly rated risks can have a huge impact on profitability.

Quickly respond to changing markets and risks

Insurers need to assess their books of business constantly to stay on top of changing market conditions and evolving risks to keep rates optimal and maintain adequate premiums.


Get secure online access to proprietary insurance and ISO-issued forms, streamline the development process, and improve operational efficiency for commercial auto risks with our forms management system.

Risks change frequently, as does driver performance, and that will affect policies. By staying abreast of risk changes, you can help keep rates adequate. See our tools for monitoring drivers.

Stay current with changes to advisory loss costs, rules, and forms and keep track of them digitally. This helps insurers reduce time and effort when implementing necessary changes. Focus on business impact with our rating content tool.

Strategies to track and improve driver safety

It’s vital to evaluate and deploy strategies to track and improve driver safety because driver performance can affect risks and losses. Our tools help you better mitigate risk and exposures in a highly competitive environment.


Insights into operational safety can help mitigate potential claims and losses before they happen. Get risk insights from telematics and driver behavior data that supports superior risk management, all derived from connected vehicle data.

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Fuel your straight-through underwriting process

Our commercial auto underwriting tools come together to fundamentally change your underwriting process, bringing speed, accuracy, efficiency and ease of use. We have all the data you need. Watch to learn more about our solutions.