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In the competitive, fast-changing insurance market, data quality and management are keys to satisfying compliance/regulatory requirements, driving profitable growth, and gaining customers. Insurers need to team up with a provider that can help ensure their data is reported in a timely manner and is relevant, accessible, and as accurate as possible.

Charging down the path to data-driven success

Effectively managing data is a key component for success in all areas of insurance operations, including properly underwriting and rating coverage, meeting compliance and regulatory reporting needs, improving profitability, enhancing customer experience, and driving innovation. Most important, the higher the quality of the data, the more powerful it becomes.

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Business intelligence drives growth

Insurance is among the industries with the highest rate of business intelligence (BI) adoption.2

BI is fueled by effective data management designed to solve key challenges:


Customers want fast, reliable service—that requires increased automation driven by quality data.

Regulators demand timely, accurate reporting because failure to comply threatens the bottom line.

Insurers need access to industry data to identify growth opportunities, measure performance, and gauge underwriting appetite—but you need a trusted source.

Verisk's data suite

Successful insurers often work with a trusted provider to help empower and enhance data management. Verisk can help enhance your data quality and find the value hidden in your data, helping to build your BI. That’s an important step in making your company even more data-driven, a key for success in today’s insurance marketplace. We can also help streamline your compliance and regulatory reporting processes.

ISO Statistical Service

ISO’s data managers and regulatory professionals can work with you to help you stay compliant in this difficult landscape.

  • Meet reporting requirements based on high-quality standards
  • Benchmark performance against aggregated results from industry peers
  • Respond to special requests from regulators, trade associations, and the NAIC

ISO Preferred Data Partnership

Discover the ISO Preferred Data Partnership—a better way to report your statistical data.

  • Save time and cost by dedicating fewer resources to collecting, reviewing, and preparing data
  • Streamline reporting with fewer steps, handoffs, errors, and reworks for faster service
  • Improve compliance and reduce potential for fines

Data Management Services

Team up with Verisk to address the challenges of poor data quality and unreliable data management—and enhance your company’s future.

  • Build an enterprise view of your business based on a robust, insurance-specific data model
  • Streamline workflow and enhance data quality
  • Establish a modern, scalable data warehouse to support next-generation analytics
  • Simplify the process of generating reports and dashboards

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Data driven insurers make better innovators

In the fast-paced and highly competitive insurance marketplace, innovation is vital to an insurer’s success.

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  2. Dresner Advisory Services, 2018 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study – Forbes, The State of Business Intelligence, 2018

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