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ISO Statistical Plans on ISOnet®

With ISOnet® — the Internet information service for insurance professionals — you have online access to ISO statistical circulars. When you participate with ISO for Statistical Service, we use the circulars to give you vital information relating to statistics, data collection, and quality assurance.

ISO publishes three types of statistical circulars:

  • Statistical Division (SD) Circulars provide general information that may affect an insurer's operations. ISO uses the circulars:
    • to distribute annual statistical calls
    • to outline potential future statistical requirements
    • to notify you of insurance department activities or legislative data-reporting bills
    • to distribute surveys when we want your opinion on a subject related to statistical reporting
  • Statistical Plan (SP) Circulars announce changes to the statistical plans. The changes include quarterly revisions.
  • Statistical Information Series (SIS) Circulars help you perform tasks related to reporting data to ISO. The circulars may answer commonly asked questions or help interpret new requirements.

Also available on ISOnet

If you participate with ISO for Statistical Service, you can also use ISOnet to access statistical plans, with detailed instructions for coding the data you report to ISO.

For more information . . .

. . . on accessing statistical circulars through ISOnet — or to get in touch with a sales representative — contact ISO. You can also call us at 1-800-888-4476.