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Looking to save time and increase underwriting profit?

How to drive your business’s growth by increasing efficiency

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The small commercial insurance market is booming. Is your business poised to capitalize on this opportunity through top-line growth and better loss ratios?

LightSpeed® Small Commercial can help you build a time (saving) machine that automates application details and exposure identification to guide data-driven underwriting decisions.

With just a business name and address, LightSpeed Small Commercial can unlock a holistic view of applicant risk, powering an accelerated underwriting workflow that delights customers and agents and helps you capture share in the booming businessowners market.

Ready to grow your underwriting profits?

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Verisk’s comprehensive data is helping us improve not only our ease of doing business but also our underwriting results.

  • John Eckmair
  • Utica National Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer

How Verisk can help

Lightspeed Small Commercial

How Verisk can help

Streamlining the underwriting process requires confidence in the quality of the data you rely on to make decisions. Using a data provider with broad insurance industry expertise can translate into a nuanced understanding of the insights generated by image analytics. Verisk data scientists continually test and develop models to ensure the level of reliability needed to provide actionable underwriting insights that can help you sustainably grow your portfolio and boost profitability.

Integrated directly into LightSpeed® Small Commercial, image analytics paired with other robust data sources can provide insurers with a holistic underwriting solution that helps refine risk assessment and improve customer and agent experiences.

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