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Strengthen your core

Discover how five core commercial property attributes can help empower data-driven underwriting

Strengthen Your CoreBuilding construction can be complicated and very often requires nuanced expertise to assess, as many insurance professionals may not have the know-how to evaluate it themselves. Relying on sources that may be incomplete or unreliable—such as public tax records, Internet research, or information from the agent or property owner—can lead to critical errors.

The expanding ProMetrix database delivers insights, advanced analytics, and site-verified property details. ProMetrix provides a 100 percent fill rate for the five core attributes underwriters rely upon to help determine coverage and premiums:

  • ISO Construction Class
  • Year Built
  • Square Footage
  • Number of Stories
  • Primary Building Use

Learn how ProMetrix provides insurers with robust data, accessed instantly via an application programming interface (API), to help streamline underwriting, improve the customer experience, and empower smarter decision-making.

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How Verisk can help

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How Verisk can help

When Verisk set the goal of providing a 100 percent fill rate for the five core attributes required for effective underwriting, the objective wasn’t just providing more data. It was imperative to pair high-tech expertise with deep domain experience in commercial property insurance to produce data that can help drive more informed and effective underwriting decisions. At the core of Verisk’s data-collection strategies is a team of 400-plus field survey professionals who understand how property attributes can affect loss costs and claims. Their expertise and rigorous quality standards provide the foundation of ProMetrix, whether the data is generated in the field, virtually, or with advanced computer models.

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