Verisk Volunteer Week 2020

Despite a worldwide pandemic, local restrictions on the size of gatherings, and the need for social distancing, nearly 500 Verisk employees found ways to support 60 communities across 16 countries during our seventh annual Verisk Volunteer Week.

Here’s just a sample of their efforts:

Serving others

Colleagues in Canada, Great Britain, India, Nepal, Spain, and the United States served others in a variety of ways. They collected and donated clothing, food, hand sanitizer, masks, and disinfectant cleaning supplies for the needy. They also prepared, packaged, and distributed hot meals at local soup kitchens.

Many helped raise money for various causes by taking part in 5K runs and walks or supporting other fundraising events. Employees in one office organized efforts to help fund a solar grid initiative benefitting the Navajo Nation in the United States. Others raised money to help patients dealing with cancer. 

The unique circumstances of the pandemic inspired volunteers to find new ways to contribute. Some participated in an initiative in which they remotely “mapped” un-mapped areas to help humanitarian organizations provide aid to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Employees also distributed cheerful drawings to senior citizens and military service members; played the piano for those living at an assisted living facility; and hosted an online disaster preparedness seminar for neighbors.  



Stepping up for children

Employees in Canada, India, and the United States organized and participated in drives to help children, collecting clothes, shoes, snacks, books, and backpacks. Some helped adapt toys for children with special needs. Others provided online tutoring assistance and participated in virtual, interactive classroom sessions.



Donating blood

Employees in India, Ireland, Russia, Spain, and the United States donated much needed blood, including platelets and plasma, and volunteered at blood banks and hospitals to help run drives.



Preserving the natural environment

Employees in Australia, Denmark, Great Britain, Israel, Spain, and the United States pitched in to clean up parks and neighborhoods; pick up rubbish along beaches, waterways, and motorways; plant flowers and shrubs; and restore and preserve memorials.



Helping animals

Employees in Great Britain and Russia helped animal shelters and sanctuaries by collecting and donating food, blankets, and other supplies. Some also went onsite to care for the animals or help socialize them.