Our People

Verisk takes great pride in our people. We employ about 7,500 individuals around the world, with a mix of skills and talents in areas including statistical modeling, engineering, economics, marketing, information technology, data management, and predictive analytics. Our employees hold advanced degrees, certifications, and professional designations in fields as diverse as actuarial science, mathematics, physics, risk management, fire protection and safety, meteorology, and insurance.

Compensation and Benefits

We offer competitive salaries, annual merit salary reviews, and the opportunity for advancement. In addition, our program includes an incentive compensation component for eligible job categories, paid time off (PTO), flextime and telecommuting options, and a 401(k) program with a 75 percent company cash match. Verisk also offers health insurance plans, no-cost life insurance equivalent to annual salary (with the option to purchase more), discounted stock purchase program, and more.

Verisk Citizenship Award

The company confers the Verisk Citizenship Award annually to a select group of employees who model the exceptional character and behavior we strive for at Verisk. The award celebrates those who demonstrate the core values of The Verisk Way and its mission to serve, add value, and innovate.

Candidates are nominated by their peers and demonstrate respect for the individual, integrity, passion, persistence, confidence/humility, excellence, and teamwork. They also display characteristics that enhance their personal performance, influence the work of their colleagues, and help move the company forward. Meet our 2017 award winners.

Eric Abbott
Neil Spector, president, ISO Underwriting, and award winner Michel Astudillo

Mitch is principled and disciplined in his approach to work and about the decisions he makes that affect others. His project management is quality-focused, whether testing a product, reporting progress, or training a colleague. He has developed and implemented numerous innovative processes, including project rotation and product training, that strengthen his team and the results they deliver to our customers.

Mitch and his family support relief programs and coordinated the collection of goods for those affected by the 2016 earthquake in Ecuador.

Richard Della Rocca, president, ISO Claims Analytics, and award winner Shawn Deane

Shawn exemplifies The Verisk Way, specifically the “innovate” component. He applies his MSP (Medicare Secondary Payer) compliance expertise to create visual tools that make complex concepts easy to understand for clients, internal staff, and the U.S. sales team he trains. A trusted authority on claims management, he has served others through internal mentoring programs.

Shawn shares his professional expertise outside Verisk too. He has authored several articles, hosted numerous webinars, and serves as president of the National Alliance of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals (NAMSAP).

Neil Spector, president, ISO Underwriting, and award winner Andrew Hughes

Andy serves his company and his community with passion, integrity, humility, and excellence, supporting Verisk’s core values. He excels at his job, delivers high-quality work, and focuses on continuous improvement for our customers.

Andy and his wife cofounded a nonprofit called Grace’s Kitchen, which feeds 100 homeless men and women every week. They partner with other nonprofits to serve meals to individuals who need them. Andy also mentors elementary school students and serves at a homeless shelter.

Neal Anderson, president, Wood Mackenzie, and award winner Valerie Purvis

Val consistently lives and promotes Verisk values as she pursues excellence as senior research manager for Wood Mackenzie’s Russia Upstream Research team. She led the PCI/Wood Mackenzie integration with patience, tenacity, and confidence. Throughout the project, she demonstrated integrity, fairness, and diplomacy.

Val passionately promotes inclusion and diversity across the entire organization. She chairs the Gender Working Group, supports the Every Woman Network Partnership, and started a networking group for the London and Edinburgh offices.

Nana Banerjee, group president, Verisk Analytics, and award winner Judy Tang

Judy’s client management skills make her an asset throughout the client onboarding process. Her patient and supportive nature and attention to fundamental data controls and practices ensure client satisfaction. Judy was instrumental in developing a new onboarding process for UK employees. She takes responsibility for both her people and the broader team to drive inclusion and development.

Judy embodies the principle of “treat people how you would like to be treated.”

Nana Banerjee, group president, Verisk Analytics, and award winner Michael Vogel

Mike consistently demonstrates Verisk values in his interactions with employees and clients. While cultivating a joint customer insights solution for Argus and Verisk Retail, he worked with the highest levels of transparency and integrity. His approach resulted in Verisk’s first joint sale to a major sporting goods retailer.

Mike is an exceptional team player—proactive, collaborative, and innovative. He strives to include coworkers in the process, finding ways to engage all involved and executing with excellence to customers. Mike never fails to ask, “How can I help you today?”