Our People

Verisk takes great pride in our people. We employ more than 9,000 individuals around the world, with a mix of skills and talents in areas including commercial banking and finance, data science and artificial intelligence, economics, information technology, marketing, natural resources, predictive analytics, and statistical modeling. Our employees hold advanced degrees, certifications, and professional designations in fields as diverse as actuarial science, chemical engineering, environmental health, fire protection and safety, insurance, mathematics, meteorology, nursing, physics, and risk management.

Compensation and Benefits

We offer competitive salaries, annual merit salary reviews, and the opportunity for advancement. In addition, our program includes an incentive compensation component for eligible job categories, paid time off (PTO), flextime and telecommuting options, and a 401(k) program with a 100 percent company cash match (up to 6 percent). Verisk also offers health insurance plans, no-cost life insurance equivalent to annual salary (with the option to purchase more), a discounted stock purchase program, and more. Details vary by business unit and country.

Verisk Citizenship Awards

Verisk presents the Verisk Citizenship Award each year to a select group of employees who model the exceptional character and behavior for which we strive. The award celebrates employees who demonstrate the core values of The Verisk Way and its mission to serve, add value, and innovate.

Candidates are nominated by their peers and demonstrate respect for the individual, integrity, passion, persistence, confidence and humility, excellence, and teamwork. They also display characteristics that enhance their personal performance, influence the work of their colleagues, and help move the company forward. Meet our 2020 award winners.


Betty Byrnes, Director of Global Protection Services, Verisk
Core value: Persistence

With persistence and passion, Betty was instrumental in activating business continuity plans across Verisk as the pandemic took hold—making the company more resilient and ensuring that we continued to serve our customers without missing a beat. Betty combines deep resolve and commitment with a gentle, flexible, and highly collaborative approach. During the height of the pandemic, we received great feedback from our customers on the thoroughness of our planning, supporting our mission to serve them and exceed their expectations.

Tony Canale headshot

Tony Canale, Vice President, Global Protection Services, Verisk
Core value: Excellence

Tony is a “whatever it takes to get the job done” employee who’s committed to excellence. As Verisk navigated the pandemic, Tony spearheaded the planning that enabled Verisk’s ~10,000 employees to work remotely and return to the office when safe to do so. Tony has assembled teams across geographies and Verisk’s businesses to ensure the company can operate with full continuity regardless of what’s happening in the world.

Wayne Elliot, Infrastructure Technician, IS&T, Verisk
Core value: Excellence

With Wayne’s tireless dedication to excellence, he’s pivotal to Verisk’s mission of serving its customers. When his teammates run into technical issues with their workstations, they know who they can trust to solve any problem. And in a time when working remotely increases the number of things that may go wrong, Wayne continually goes above and beyond so that Verisk employees can continue to perform their jobs to the fullest.

Mhairi Gillings, Director of Operations, IT Services, Wood Mackenzie
Core value: Respect for the Individual

With Mhairi’s unwavering respect for the individual, she’s made a significant impact on shaping a healthy work culture throughout Verisk. She has a passion for improving mental health and beating the stigma of mental health illnesses. In fact, she was instrumental in establishing Wood Mackenzie’s innovative Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) program and in extending its reach. What started with a handful of MHFAs in Edinburgh has grown to ~70 MHFAs and advocates worldwide.

Koh Khai Yang Headshot photo

Khai Yang Koh, APAC Regional Chair and Vice President of Finance, Wood Mackenzie
Core value: Integrity

Khai Yang’s exceptional leadership and integrity in bringing the APAC team together during the early challenges of COVID-19 exemplifies Verisk’s core values. He was pivotal in establishing guidelines and protocols for keeping employees safe, connected, and working remotely so they could continue to serve our customers. These guidelines were rolled out across Wood Mackenzie regionally and adopted across the entire business.  He provided clarity and calmness during an unprecedented crisis, all while balancing his own family responsibilities.

Faith McFall Smith headshot

Faith McFall-Smith, Associate Finance Manager, Verisk Financial
Core value: Passion

Faith McFall-Smith is an inspiration to others, which she has proven time and again through her passion, tireless work, and advocacy for important causes. This has helped create a deeper connection between Verisk and the community. When racial unrest and peaceful protests reached a global scale following the tragic death of George Floyd, Faith raised her hand to chair an action committee for Verisk Financial to ensure the business was living its goals of inclusion, diversity, and belonging. Based on her leadership, the action committee now has colleagues participating across regions and Verisk businesses.

Alison "Ali" Lenehan McMahon headshot

Alison “Ali” Lenehan McMahon, Receptionist, Sequel
Core value: Teamwork

Ali consistently demonstrates teamwork in her work at Sequel, consistently going above and beyond her regular duties to deliver exceptional customer service and problem-solving. She’s committed to making sure our customers feel comfortable and welcome whenever they visit, and her way with people has contributed significantly to high morale, employee engagement, and Sequel's reputation. Her hard work and dedication was instrumental in Sequel’s recent office move projects at several London locations, enabling the company to get its offices set up quickly and without service interruptions.

Karthik Ramanathan headshot

Karthik Ramanathan, Assistant Vice President and Principal Engineer of Research and Modeling, AIR Worldwide
Core value: Excellence

Karthik continually strives for excellence and mastery of details in his research and modeling development work. He’s experienced and knowledgeable at communicating and explaining complex issues to customers, enthusiastically fielding even the toughest questions for hours at a time. In the face of challenges, multiple deadlines, and the vast scope of his responsibilities, Karthik always treats everyone with the utmost respect. He makes time to address issues so his colleagues can do their best work to serve our customers.

Chris Smith headshot

Chris Smith, Director, Employee Benefits, Verisk
Core value: Passion

Chris has always shown a deep and abiding commitment to and passion for service to others. This year, during the pandemic, Chris was especially impactful, ensuring that Verisk was caring for employees in ways particularly needed at the moment. He led Verisk’s efforts to expand its telemedicine efforts, vital to so many, and made sure its employee assistance program offerings were global in scope and ensured a focus on mental health. He has regularly reminded his fellow Verisk colleagues to be sure they engage in self-care, so we are at our best to drive performance for our stakeholders.

Kyli Wagner-Martinek headshot

Kyli Wagner-Martinek, Head of Internal Communications, Verisk
Core value: Excellence

In a year of extraordinary challenge, Kyli has shown a commitment to operational excellence and innovation, underpinned by a powerful spirit of service to others. As the leader of Verisk’s internal communications effort, Kyli saw the pandemic—and the transition of her fellow Verisk colleagues to remote working across 30 countries—as a chance to make the Verisk community even stronger through the power of connection. Kyli was also instrumental in Verisk’s preparations for employees returning safely to the office when safe to do so.

Tammora Warren headshot

Tammora Warren, Senior Marketing Project Manager, ISO
Core value: Confidence/Humility

Tammora is passionate about making Verisk a more inclusive place. Her dedication to the REACH network, an employee group that helps promote equity by increasing the recruitment, retention, and career advancement of Black employees at Verisk, goes beyond the scope of her role. Through her confidence and humility, Tammora has inspired great interest in other Verisk locations wanting to start local chapters, and she’s been active in helping them launch.

Francine Yotsko headshot

Fran Yotsko, Survey Services Manager, ISO Underwriting
Core value: Teamwork

In addition to managing ISO’s field operations group, Fran is a strategic account manager, growing relationships with several of our largest customers. Committed to teamwork, Fran always goes above and beyond to make sure our customers receive quality products on time. Because of her keen customer focus, Fran has received a great deal of feedback over the years from our customers saying how much they appreciate the work Fran does on their behalf.