We’re committed to maintaining an inspired workforce through competitive compensation and benefits, a professional atmosphere, personal and career development opportunities, work/life balance, and responsive leadership.

We advance issues of global and national importance and support the communities where we work and live.

Our People

Verisk takes great pride in our people. We employ more than 8,000 individuals around the world, with a mix of skills and talents in areas including statistical modeling, engineering, economics, marketing, information technology, data management, and predictive analytics. Our employees hold advanced degrees, certifications, and professional designations in fields as diverse as actuarial science, mathematics, physics, risk management, fire protection and safety, meteorology, and insurance.

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Verisk employees celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, with traditional foods, crafts, and entertainment.

Our Culture

We continually strive to develop a diverse workforce, involve and empower all our employees, and encourage collaboration throughout the organization. Surveys conducted by outside organizations and our own annual employee engagement survey—a continuous loop of engagement, feedback, action, and change—indicate that we’re achieving the desired results in these critical metrics.

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Charitable Giving

Verisk reinforces its commitment to social responsibility through philanthropy. On a global and national level, we provide direct financial and in-kind support to advance important initiatives sponsored by leading organizations with missions and activities that complement our professional expertise and brand.

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Verisk Volunteer Week

In 2017, we sponsored our fourth annual Verisk Volunteer Week—a resounding success across the company and around the world—in places as diverse as Australia, Canada, China, India, Israel, and the United Kingdom as well as virtually all our locations in the United States.

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Community Partnerships

Verisk partners with organizations providing internships that promote economic opportunity.

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