Our challenge is to work on multiple levels to reduce energy and resource consumption. Here are several ways we’re approaching the challenge.

Products and Operations

Verisk is a data analytics company. We don’t use or consume natural materials in any type of industrial process.

Moreover, we originally designed many of our products and services to promote economies of scale for the insurance industry by implementing participatory databases and providing opportunities for shared services. The resulting savings and efficiencies — central source, broad engagement, purposeful integration, focused innovation, and optimized resource consumption — are still reflected in the Verisk business models of today.

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Verisk leases office space where it conducts business in the United States and around the world. The company seeks facilities best suited to meet the needs of the business functions performed, the location and amenities required for its employees, and at costs and terms competitive with the surrounding market. When identifying potential locations that might qualify, we seek to include properties that are LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or have achieved an ENERGY STAR® designation.

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Fleet Management

As the insurance industry leader providing site-verified information and specific property analytics, Verisk relies on the mobility — and efficiency — of more than 600 field analysts across the country, strategically located and electronically connected. Together, they conduct hundreds of thousands of on-site visits annually, including surveys of individual commercial buildings for rating and underwriting purposes, evaluations of fire departments and their fire suppression capabilities, and assessments of municipal building code enforcement efforts.

The fleet of vehicles supporting our national field operation is leased, assigned, operated, and maintained according to strict standards that maximize performance and fuel efficiency.

The major components of Verisk’s fleet management program include the use of 4-cylinder vehicles, including hybrids; driver education related to acceleration, speeding, and braking; proactive vehicle maintenance; scheduling and routing oversight; and monitoring and reporting of annual mileage and emission performance — all conducted by an independent fleet manager.

Annual Jersey City Group Walk
Jen Stevens, a Verisk field analyst in Southern California, driving the new company Ford hybrid to complete commercial surveys


In the aggregate, the Verisk fleet covered more than 8.8 million miles in 2015, achieving a fuel ratio of 26.9 miles per gallon—an improvement in our mpg average for the sixth consecutive year. By performing survey and assessment activities on behalf of hundreds of property insurers, Verisk helps the industry reduce its gasoline emissions many times over.

Verisk Fleet mpg chart

“Verisk is committed to rightsizing the organization’s footprint by implementing practical strategies that benefit the environment, make sense for our business, and are meaningful to our stakeholders.”

Scott Stephenson
Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer
Verisk Analytics