Verisk’s Approach to Cybersecurity

As Verisk continues to grow and expand in the markets and geographies we serve and the solutions and related technologies we provide to our customers, we’re keenly aware of increased exposure to potential risk. Verisk remains steadfast in our commitment to safeguarding the integrity, confidentiality, and responsible use of data by:

  • building a culture that’s both strongly aware of the critical need to protect the confidentiality of data collected and vigilant in execution of safeguards to protect the data
  • investing in strong internal governance processes that include dedicated compliance officers and information risk officers, investment in security improvements, mandatory employee security training, and diligence of third-party vendors
  • complying with all applicable legal requirements and regulations
  • building and maintaining trust and transparency with regulators, customers, and consumers
  • acting responsibly

For an overview of our comprehensive and rigorous cybersecurity plan, read “Verisk’s Approach to Cybersecurity.”

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