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Corporate Social Responsibility

Statement on Climate Change

Our Commitment

At Verisk, we support and have contributed to the large body of scientific evidence that clearly demonstrates the changes occurring in Earth’s climate system and the attendant risks to people, property, and financial assets. We concur with the scientific consensus that anthropogenic carbon emissions contribute to global warming trends. Current trends in global climate change, if unchecked, can lead to acutely negative consequences due to rising sea levels, increased frequency and severity of extreme weather and climate events, and increased ocean acidification.

Addressing climate change is made more complicated by its interrelationship with economic development and the energy deficit facing many people around the world, especially in emerging economies. Serious consideration must go into designing and assessing options that balance care for the climate with economic progress and rising standards of living. Effort and planning are required to define approaches that are effective and produce the best outcomes for the greatest number of people around the planet.

We urge all governments to actively collaborate to address this amalgam of complex issues and to do so with urgency.

At Verisk, we will continue to take responsibility for our business practices by:

  • monitoring, measuring, disclosing, and reducing the emissions associated with our operations
  • researching and contributing our knowledge of climate change and clearly analyzing the potential implications of climate change for risk to people, property, and financial assets
  • researching and contributing our knowledge of energy production, including fossil fuel, solar, and wind sources, thereby supporting industry in choosing an optimal mix of options over time

As a business committed to the long-term stewardship of our organization and the global society in which we operate, we remain committed to addressing the very real impacts of climate change today and for the benefit of future generations.

June 2017