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Student Opportunities

Moving Student Opportunities Forward

We offer exciting and rewarding opportunities for summer interns, co-op students, and entry-level job candidates. If you’re passionate about innovation and excited about telling stories through data, we invite you to learn more.

Purposeful giving

Who needs swag? Let's give instead.

At Verisk, we’re dedicated to corporate citizenship and committed to helping organizations that reflect our values. We welcome you to be a part of our Purposeful Giving initiative and help us give back.

If we connected through a university event or conference and you have a Purposeful Giving code, please enter it below and we'll make a donation to the charity of your choice.

Learn about the charities we’ve partnered with:

Responding to Humanitarian Crises around the World
During any given year, the International Rescue Committee and its partners help tens of millions of people around the world survive war, conflict, and natural disasters, and recover and rebuild their lives. In addition to financial support, Verisk provides the IRC with complimentary access to its geopolitical risk analytics and country-level experts – key ingredients in preparation of the IRC’s annual emergency watchlist, which identifies the twenty countries at greatest risk of experiencing deteriorating humanitarian crises during the succeeding year. 

Making School Buildings in Bhutan and Nepal Safer for Children
The mission of GeoHazards International -- taking action BEFORE disasters occur – aligns with Verisk’s mission to help businesses, people, and societies become stronger, more resilient, and more sustainable. Verisk’s financial support and technical advice helped GHI address earthquake risk in Bhutan by introducing an innovative “earthquake desk” that can help protect school children from falling debris. Verisk is also supporting GHI’s current efforts to raise awareness of earthquake risk in Nepal and train local construction workers on earthquake-resistant building techniques for schools. 

Providing Medical Assistance to Populations in Distress
Médecins Sans Frontières is a worldwide organization made up of tens-of-thousands of medical professionals and associated staff that provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, or disaster. The work of MSF aligns with Verisk’s mission to help business, people, and societies become stronger, more resilient, and sustainable. 

Since 1979, Child Rights and You has been a leading advocate for children in India, working with project partners at the grassroot level and influencing public policy at a systemic level to support educational opportunities, improve health and nutrition, and change attitudes and behaviors about child labor and child marriage. CRY recognizes children as the building blocks of India’s future and is committed to invest in their future today. Verisk acknowledges similar aims by building relationships with professional organizations and career conferences that advance the interests of underrepresented groups, support higher education for the next generation of diverse candidates, and create opportunity for young adults to reach their potential and achieve upward mobility.

The Malopolska Children’s Hospice provides comprehensive support to terminally ill children and their families during their most difficult life situations. The support includes medical, nursing, and physiotherapeutic care, as well as psychological, legal, and social assistance. The hospice also supports scientific and educational projects that help students prepare for careers associated with holistic hospice care for children.

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We Started Our Careers at Verisk

Kelvin Li Headshot

Kelvin Li

Masters in Statistics
Analyst, May 2022
Jersey City, NJ

"I started my career at Verisk when I was an actuarial intern. I enjoyed my experience at Verisk because my team and my friends encouraged me to be the best. Verisk has a good work-life balance and exam support system, which allows me to study for actuarial exams while working a full-time job."

Elise Kerim Headshot

Elise Kerim

BA, Political Science and Engineering
Compliance & Product Services Analyst, July 2022
Jersey City, NJ

"Returning to Verisk to launch my full-time career has enabled me to utilize my skills and knowledge while being exposed to new challenges every day!  It is incredible how others in our offices have provided me with helpful feedback and tools for professional growth."

Kory Williams Headshot

Kory Williams

Masters in Strategic Intelligence and Analysis
Cybersecurity Engineer, July 2022
Boston, MA

"Verisk is my first career job, and I couldn't be happier here! Starting a full-time job can be terrifying, but Verisk made the process extraordinary. From meeting my team members on my first day in the office to beginning my career journey with a cohort, the work culture is second to none."

Isioma Ochia

Isioma Ochia

Masters in Information Systems
Data Scientist I, February 2022
Houston, TX

"My journey at Verisk has been a great learning experience. During my time as a DSEP intern, I got to explore building neural networks, and now in my current role, I am contributing towards efforts in medical fraud waste detection. Working here has given me the opportunity to grow in different skill areas and meet a lot of amazing people who have been instrumental in my career development so far."

Summer Internship Program

Block Summer 4x3

Summer Internship Program

Our summer internship program can help you learn and grow—and discover if Verisk is the right place for you to begin your career. You’ll gain hands-on work experience while being part of our innovative and engaging culture, join fireside chats with senior leaders, participate in professional development workshops, and attend formal and informal networking opportunities to help you make the most of your experience.

In locations throughout the United States and UK, and in Krakow, Poland and Singapore, you’ll find posted positions in actuarial, data science, business and technical analysis, AI/machine learning, marketing, human resources, finance, and more.

While positions are posted throughout the year, summer internship positions are typically posted in August and September.

Experiential Education/Co-op Program

Block Experiential Coop

Experiential Education/Co-op Program

Our Verisk businesses engage in experiential education with students throughout the globe with experiences that last from four to six months. You’ll gain exposure to and in-depth knowledge of your business area.

Host businesses include AIR Worldwide (Boston, MA) and Sequel (Malaga, Spain).

Data Science Excellence Program

Block Dsep

Data Science Excellence Program

If you’re looking for a career in big data that inspires, challenges, and rewards, then our highly selective, multiyear rotational program may be a good fit. This unique program hires recent data science graduates into full-time roles and provides hands-on analytics experience with various Verisk businesses, products and services, and customers.

Early Career Foundations Program

Gettyimages 947895256 738x415

Early Career Foundations Program

Verisk’s Early Career Foundations Program (ECFP) is the perfect place for you to launch your career. When you join Verisk in your first professional role, you become part of an ECFP cohort with other recent grads working across several of our businesses around the globe.

During your first year with Verisk, you’ll get to experience a special developmental journey in which you’ll have access to senior leaders, job shadowing assignments, stretch opportunities, and learning and development programming designed to fully acclimate you into the Verisk community.

Most ECFP participants come from our summer internship and co-op programs, but at times, we have openings directly into the program.

Ready to move your career forward?

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Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Learn about our commitment to sustainability and long-term value creation.

Download our 2022 Report
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Diversity and Inclusion

At Verisk, we have a longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion in our workplace and marketplace. It’s fundamental to our culture and our values.

Learn more about our commitment

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