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Driving a Customer-Focused and Collaborative Team

Linda Turnbull, Associate Managing Director, Verisk Financial Argus

Linda Turnbull, Associate Managing Director of Argus, Part of Verisk Financial’s Banking & Payments Solutions teams

What’s your role at Verisk?

I currently work in Verisk Financial’s Banking & Payments Solutions business in Retail Client Management for the United States. I oversee our relationship with one of our largest retainer clients. My team does custom reporting and analytics work for the bank’s consumer and small business credit card portfolios. We also perform quarterly benchmark analyses for its consumer retail deposit products.

I also partner with colleagues on numerous ad hoc initiatives, the biggest being modernizing the “give-to-get” protocols and principles that are the foundation of our consortia. These protocols and principles define the level of data and insights we provide our clients based on the data they contribute to our consortia.

Our business predominantly operates on a give-to-get model: financial institutions share deep, transaction-level data with us. We aggregate and anonymize this granular data, then provide clients with insights into their performance against the industry or a unique peer group. This aggregate data, which comprises our consortia, includes consumer and small business credit cards, private label cards, deposit debit cards, deposit products, and personal loans. In the United States, a large portion of banks share their data with our consortia, and our large coverage of the market gives us the unique ability to provide banks with a “full wallet” view of consumers’ spending, payment, and banking behavior.

Linda’s team works to provide banks with a “full wallet” view of consumer spending behaviors and transaction data

What initially attracted you to Verisk and the role you’re in today?

I was a recipient and user of Argus (now part of Verisk Financial) reporting in my previous roles at banks, where I focused on managing credit and deposit portfolio performance through quantitively-driven acquisition and usage marketing strategies. I was always a big fan of the insights we received, and I leveraged the company’s data often.

When I learned about the open role, I spoke with many people about the position. During those conversations, I was excited by three things:

  1. The smart, driven people who were willing to challenge thoughts and ideas constructively and fairly.
  2. The collaborative nature of the organization. Everyone seemed genuinely supportive of each other’s work and focused on doing what was best for the client and, therefore, the company.
  3. The fact that the company was actively evolving, which meant there would be a lot of new things to do, ways to help, and opportunities to learn.

How would you describe a typical day?

Every day is different, but my weeks generally consist of some combination of these activities:

  • I have an amazing team, and we spend several hours every week reviewing and discussing ad hoc analyses underway for our clients. This could include looking at drafts of completed presentations or going through data in question from an Excel spreadsheet. The objective is to find the story and package that with actionable insights and recommendations on how to approach their business.
  • Meeting with clients to update them on critical work in progress and confirm priorities and upcoming projects and looking for opportunities for us to help them with their business that may not be part of a direct engagement. These opportunities could fall into work that is done through our retainer, but they can also be for other areas of the business, where we're not currently engaged.
  • The end of my day is generally spent connecting with my colleagues on a variety of projects. I partner with one of my colleagues on much of this work, and she works in Australia. Her mornings are my evenings, so that time works best.
  • Career and personal development are very important to me, so I hold individual one-on-one meetings with people on my team. This gives individuals an opportunity for open discussion about working at Verisk and their longer-term goals. I want everyone to feel that they have an opportunity to shine by doing what they do best—to learn and expand their skill sets by doing something new.
  • With Shaniqua Murray, I co-lead the REACH Network, White Plains chapter, which serves Verisk Financial globally. A number of people in Verisk Financial have helped us bring the organization to life with special events for Black History Month and Juneteenth. We're now working on launching a mentoring program for new hires and finding ways to support with the wider community.

Linda and the client relationship management team collaborate on discovering better outcomes for customers

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

I would say working with my team and colleagues on new projects. Openly trading ideas and approaches to solving client challenges or internal objectives is fun and energizing. The Client Relationship Management team is really great about sharing information, insights, and thoughts about how to approach work.

I also get excited when someone on my direct team achieves a big milestone, such as completing a complex project that the person may have found somewhat intimidating. It’s not just about accomplishing the goal; these achievements are also validation that a person is developing and growing.

I love the positive, collaborative nature of how we work together. People tend to start with a “yes, and” attitude. Our “yes, and” culture pushes me to think more broadly about a problem or potential solution and to be open to unusual ideas, which generally leads to better outcomes. 

How do you use data and analytics to uncover customer needs and engage them?

This is the bread and butter of our business. Our primary goal as a retained analytics team is to understand our customers’ strategy, monitor their performance against that strategy, and identify areas where they have opportunities to improve. This can be by further expanding what they’re doing well or pointing out where they may be underperforming compared with the industry or their peer group among a critical segment of customers and uncovering why. Challenges can be related to any number of things: acquisition offers, use of promotional pricing (APR), product type, credit lines, or even credit losses, to name a few. 

What will the impact of digital transformation be on the customer experience? And how is Verisk seizing those opportunities?

Digital transformation will have a huge impact on our customers and our ability to serve them. With faster delivery of data and faster access to insights and recommendations, we have an opportunity to integrate further into our customers’ day-to-day operations as well as collaborate on strategic analysis and planning. We can embed ourselves into customers’ businesses further and better than ever before—delivering data quickly to our customers who are now set up to receive that data quickly.

Linda is excited for the future of Verisk and the way we continue to transform our client relationships

What career advice would you give someone looking to join Verisk?

Be curious and don’t be afraid to ask questions and point out opportunities you may see that others may not. Your question or insights can help people evolve their ideas (yes, and). That may not happen all the time, but even once or twice is enough to make a difference.

Our company is on a great journey of growth. We have many opportunities to make an impact while also getting the experience you’re seeking to grow your overall career: internal efforts, such as employee network groups; initiatives that affect our day-to-day operations; and client-facing engagements and sales. 

What most excites you about the future of Verisk?

Argus 2.0 is a major initiative within Verisk Financial. It completely transforms how we help our customers uncover and solve their problems. With faster turnaround time for data and insight, we can deliver enhanced data outputs, better curated insights, and more actionable outputs, through improved, easy-to-use interfaces. I’m excited to see this evolve.