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Come Together at Verisk

We hold a deep belief in the power of bringing your whole self to work—allowing you to flourish in an open, inclusive environment.

Icons Infographic V2 Jp 01 V5 9,000 employees, including technical specialists and many with advanced degrees and certifications
Icons Infographic V2 Jp 02 V3 Deep domain expertise in 3 industries: insurance, energy and specialized markets, and financial
Icons Infographic V2 Jp 04 Global company in 34 countries

Our inspirational leaders are making a difference at Verisk and beyond

At Verisk, we’re committed to growing leadership throughout the company. Meet some of our leaders and learn what inspires them, what they enjoy most about their work, and why they chose to join our team.

Amiemajor Laptop Orange Couch

Balancing Professional and Personal Growth

Amie Major
Vice President and Head of Talent Management
Jersey City, NJ

Follow Amie through a typical day of employee development, talent management, leadership, problem-solving, planning, and surprises.

Read Amie's story 
Rahul Nayampally Video Still

Innovating and Learning Opens Opportunities

Rahul Nayampally
Vice President, Analytics Product Management
Jersey City, NJ

Rahul shares his perspectives on hiring, starting out in your career, and the possibilities for AI and machine learning in business.

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Jill Pineiro Work Setup

Being the CEO of Your Own Career

Jill Pineiro
Vice President and Head of Talent Acquisition
Jersey City, NJ

Jill shares her insights on what makes Verisk such an appealing place to work, what we look for in a candidate, and advice for someone looking to join the company.

Read Jill's story 
James Lockhart Smith Speaking At Conference

Meeting Real-World Sustainability Challenges

James Lockhart Smith
Vice President, Markets, Verisk Maplecroft
London, UK

James outlines what he believes his field will look like in five years and how his team has made a difference for customers, communities, and society.

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Advancing the Common Good

All In Advancing

Advancing the Common Good

We bring out the very best in one another so we’re all empowered to do our life’s work.

We believe diversity of minds and perspectives is the catalyst for impactful innovation.

We work in an inclusive, respectful environment that encourages meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

Weaving a Diverse Tapestry

All In Weaving

Weaving a Diverse Tapestry

Verisk Employee Networks encourage grassroots groups to create a broader community, advance the interests of Verisk, and advocate for key topical matters.

Verisk Employee Networks provide local events, communities, and a global alliance to share ideas and create a deep sense of belonging.

Verisk Employee Networks sponsor educational events—open to all—to create rich experiences and understanding.

Recognizing What Matters

All In Recognizing

Recognizing What Matters

The peer-to-peer #thanks program inspires your colleagues to express their appreciation in thoughtful ways.

The Verisk Way to Go program recognizes employees for outstanding contributions to the workplace.

The annual Verisk Citizenship Award celebrates those who admirably model The Verisk Way through living our values and best serving our customers, our communities, and one another.