Meet Our People

The Verisk Analytics Family of Companies credits its success directly to our employees. We are home to almost 6,000 professionals worldwide — leading minds you can learn from in such diverse areas as statistical modeling, engineering, economics, marketing, information technology, and data management.

Find out why our employees are excited about their jobs and why they enjoy coming to work every day.

Sookie Hong

Manager, Regulatory Research – AP
3E Company

“Instead of accepting the status quo, Verisk encourages us to offer constructive suggestions and makes a consistent effort to listen to employees who think outside the box.”

Location: Bethesda, Maryland
Year of Hire: 2008
Department: Regulatory Research
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Master of Arts, International Affairs, Comparative Regional Studies (Asia Economic Policies), American University, Washington, D.C.

In my position, I research, monitor, and analyze governmental legal framework and regulations for environmental health and safety (EH&S) standards, focusing on the Asia-Pacific region. The Asia-Pacific region is one the most active regions for chemical policy controls and management, so there are constant amendments and changes in governmental regulations. Each day, I perform regulatory monitoring, capture timely information, and take a comprehensive approach to identify regulatory compliance issues. The regulatory content and analysis I deliver support various 3E regulatory products, including WebInsight, Ariel Logic, SAP, and MSDgen. Timeliness, accuracy, and a broad knowledge of regulations are all key to achieving top-notch product quality.

I take great pride in my work. My work offers regulatory solutions to clients doing business with Asia-Pacific countries and helps them minimize the risk of regulatory violations. Each country in Asia has unique domestic legislation regarding EH&S, so clients seek our knowledge and advice to ensure compliance with various regulations. It’s rewarding that our clients find our work extremely helpful. Their businesses succeed because they use our regulatory knowledge and products.

I appreciate Verisk’s active encouragement of employee innovation and the company’s support of our personal and professional growth. Instead of accepting the status quo, Verisk encourages constructive suggestions and makes a consistent effort to listen to employees who think outside the box. I appreciate Verisk’s commitment to employees’ participation and “let’s grow together” approach.

Isaac Powell

Senior Product Manager, Supply Chain Data Solutions
3E Company

“At the end of the day, it’s immensely rewarding to know that the work I do ultimately has a positive effect on helping protect and improve human health and the environment.”

Location: Carlsbad, California
Year of Hire: 1996
Department: Supply Chain
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics, University of Michigan

3E’s supply chain compliance solutions provide our customers with compliance assurance and risk management solutions that help them manage risks up and down the supply chain. As product manager, I’m responsible for the strategic development and performance of 3E’s supply chain products and services. This includes understanding the needs of our customers and the market, establishing the development road map, guiding the product development team, supporting sales, product marketing, and ensuring that products and services are profitable for the business.

I look forward to coming to work each day because of the diverse challenges and experiences my job offers. My job gives me the chance to have a direct influence on the services and solutions that 3E provides. I have the opportunity to interact with nearly every area of our business — from sales to operations to IT — and with customers and industry experts. All of those interactions have given me a more holistic view of the services and solutions 3E wants to provide.

3E has given me many unique possibilities to grow and challenge myself in my career. The people I’ve had the pleasure of working and interacting with give me the support and encouragement I need to develop and test my skills. Each day, I’m presented with new challenges that have created opportunities for both personal and professional growth. At the end of the day, it’s immensely rewarding to know that the work I do ultimately has a positive effect on helping protect and improve human health and the environment.

Matthew J. Alvarado, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist II, Radiation and Climate
Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER)

“I enjoy dreaming up new ways to use earth science data and models to answer questions that are important to society.”

Location: Lexington, Massachusetts
Year of Hire: 2010
Department: Research and Development
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, MIT
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Climate Physics and Chemistry, MIT

I work in the Radiation and Climate group at AER on air pollution and radiation issues. We work to improve the ability of satellites to measure the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere, as well as the concentrations of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. That work is important for weather forecasts and climate studies. I also study the formation of ozone, particulate matter, and other air pollutants in the atmosphere and how those pollutants affect human health and climate. For example, I have a grant from the National Science Foundation to study air pollution from forest and grass fires, which builds on the work I did in graduate school.

I enjoy dreaming up new ways to use earth science data and models to answer questions that are important to society. I like working on several different projects with scientists from a wide variety of fields, so I’m always learning something new and then applying that knowledge. It’s also nice to work in a field that so many people are interested in. I’m stopped frequently by neighbors and at my son’s school with questions on air pollution, climate, and weather — some of which spark ideas for new research projects.

AER encouraged me to develop my own research program and has provided a great deal of mentoring and support to help that happen. Everyone is really interested in his or her work and is willing to help you with yours. I like the fact that experts in weather forecasting, climate science, space weather, satellite remote sensing, and many other earth science fields are all just down the hall. And the annual sundae bar at the July staff meeting is nice too — although we need to join AER’s Run of the Charles canoe race team to burn off the calories.

Laxmi Balcha

Team Lead
AIR Worldwide

“My work lets me think in broad terms to see how issues fit into the business plan.”

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Year of Hire: 2006
Department: Software Development
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, Osmania University
  • Master of Science, Software Engineering, Brandeis University
  • CPA from India (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India)
  • Certificate in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute (Gold Medalist)
  • Certified member of National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR)

I began my career with AIR Worldwide as senior database architect/team lead. In that position, I was responsible for architecting AIR products, including our flagship product, Touchstone. Currently, I am product lead for Touchstone software, architecting and coordinating catastrophe model integration into the software. I work with onshore and offshore development teams, and I act as liaison between development and product teams. I work with the entire team and develop code through the full spectrum of complexity. My work has evolved from the day I started, and today I have many more responsibilities.

I enjoy working with bright people, science, and every facet of software leadership, including architecture, design, client needs assessment, project management, and people management.

Verisk and AIR have always recognized smart, hardworking, and enthusiastic individuals. I’m a devoted individual who tackles situations with ingenuity and an open-minded thought process. By nature I’m very inquisitive, and Verisk allows me to be myself. My work lets me think in broad terms to see how issues fit into the business plan.

Gayatri Natarajan

Software Product Manager
AIR Worldwide

“I find it fascinating to work with colleagues from different areas and learn something new every day.”

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Year of Hire: 2008
Department: Product Management
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Engineering, International University

I work as a software product manager for catastrophe models with the Product Management group at AIR. In that role, I understand the scope, define milestones, gather business requirements, and work with research groups and business users to define the functional requirements for all catastrophe models in our products. I manage a team of product consultants and also work closely with our software development and quality assurance teams to ensure the models and product features are properly implemented and tested. My work involves troubleshooting complex issues for both internal and external customers. I coordinate the delivery of various releases, hot-fixes, and service packs to ensure they are delivered on time; prepare status reports and present to stakeholders; contribute to and help maintain product vision; and participate in AIR conferences.

It’s part of my job to interact with people from various departments, such as research, business development, marketing, and consulting. I find it fascinating to work with colleagues from different areas, and I learn something new every day. Being part of this department also puts me in the unique position of being able to know the details and still see the big picture of product development and catastrophe modeling. The complex business domain of using principles related to underwriting and catastrophe risk management and developing or testing probabilistic models also provides a challenge that never allows my work to become dull.

AIR Worldwide has a great work culture, and our ethics make the company one of the best. I’m encouraged as an employee for a job well done and have a great boss.

Pedro Reyes

Technical Analyst

“I come to work every day eager to learn something new and to interact with a wide array of colleagues and customers.”

Location: White Plains, New York
Year of Hire: 2012
Department: Data Operations
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science, Economics, UPENN – Wharton School

In my current role at Argus, I liaise between government regulatory bodies and bank holding companies in their regulatory reporting efforts. Specifically, I work with financial institutions in the collection, validation, aggregation, and reporting of regulatory data. My work also involves development and implementation of code for the extensive data collection, validation, and aggregation systems that Argus maintains. My position has led to great exposure in the banking industry, as I’m constantly in direct communication with executives at large U.S. banks. In addition to these efforts, I’ve also participated in developing business intelligence solutions that help large financial institutions better understand their clients and data.

I enjoy Argus’s challenging and fast-paced environment, which ensures that I’m always improving my technical skills as well as my business acumen. Argus is full of intelligent people who collaborate to add value to our clients at levels unparalleled by other companies in our field. As such, opportunities to learn something new arise every day. Being able to grow professionally and personally is very important to me, and that growth is something that Argus provides.

Argus gives me the opportunity to enhance my capabilities; it provides a unique environment designed to polish and train individuals to handle any task. In addition, Argus engrains a sense of ownership in projects, which motivates me to deliver my very best work. I come to work every day eager to learn something new and to interact with a wide array of colleagues and customers.

Stephanie Yoshioka

Senior Analyst

“I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment that challenges me to learn and grow quickly.”

Location: White Plains, New York
Year of Hire: 2012
Department: Client Delivery
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts, International Studies & Economics, Johns Hopkins University

As an analyst, I use data to provide strategic insights to top credit card issuers and retail banks in both standard presentations and ad hoc projects. Creative problem solving and analytical thinking are necessary, as well as the ability to communicate effectively. Understanding what our clients care about, as well as how we can leverage our data to address their questions with insightful analyses, is vital to the work in Client Delivery at Argus.

I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment that challenges me to learn and grow quickly. I find myself thinking in new ways, addressing questions from different angles to help clients optimize their businesses. It’s exciting to be part of a company that’s growing quickly, giving me the opportunity for personal growth that I wouldn’t have elsewhere.

The employees at Argus are a talented and knowledgeable group of individuals who are always willing to answer my questions or provide a new perspective to a question I’ve been seeking to answer. Working with these people every day has helped me grow as an analyst and a person. I have the privilege to be part of an amazing team of people who support each other, and I wouldn’t be as successful without them.


Gil Horton

Account Manager

“It’s energizing to work for a company that focuses on solutions.”

Location: Bryan, Texas
Year of Hire: 2005
Department: Customer/Technical Support
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science, Information Technology, University of Phoenix

As an account manager in the Customer/Technical Support department, I assist some of our larger customers with the analytic and technical aspects of our web-based products. I’m also responsible for quality assurance testing, training of frontline customer service representatives, product documentation, and creation of intranet tools and utilities that provide excellent support to our customers.

iiX is on a continuous journey to improve products for our customers. We’re a data and analytics company, so that pushes us to the cutting edge of new technologies and data strategies. I work in a challenging, exciting, and varied environment that can change overnight in response to consumer needs or to meet changes in governmental policies that affect our business.

Without question, what I like best about working at iiX is the people. It’s truly like an extended family — from coworkers who work on the front line with our customers to the management staff who set the direction of the company and our work atmosphere. It’s also energizing to work for a company that focuses on solutions rather than problems that restrict progress.

Libby Giltz

Sales Representative

“Each day is very different from the next.”

Location: Beachwood, Ohio
Year of Hire: 2006
Department: Sales
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology, College of Charleston
  • Certification from the Sandler Sales Institute

As a sales representative for IntelliCorp, I help customers solve their problems by introducing products and services to meet their hiring needs. I generate leads by cold-calling, networking, and working off referrals and use a CRM software program to manage opportunities and develop business. Every day, I make it a point to educate myself about our changing industry and the various products and services we offer. I enjoy the challenge of presenting new and innovative solutions to our customers to help meet their business needs.

I like my job because each day is very different from the next. The main reason I accepted this position was because sales is about relationships between people. I like the daily interaction I have with our clients. IntelliCorp gives me the opportunity to use what I learned in college and the real world.

I’m surrounded by people who are positive, dynamic, and talented. My coworkers have a strong commitment to both our team and our customers. They make it a great place to be every day. I’ve learned a lot about myself and the business world through my experiences at IntelliCorp.

I’m lucky and proud to work for such a wonderful company. Our parent company, Verisk, offers numerous opportunities for growth, advancement, and education. Many of my clients feel confident doing business with IntelliCorp because ISO and Verisk have such strong brand recognition. I enjoy working for one of the leaders in our industry.


Luis Barbier

Manager of Software Development
Office of the CIO: Development Factory

“Each challenge is unique and interesting.”

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Year of Hire: 1998
Department: Information Services and Technology
Degrees and Certifications:

  • B.B.A., Management Information Systems, Iona College
  • M.B.A., Management Information Systems, Iona College

I’m responsible for the Development Factory at Verisk, and I oversee projects from all corners of the enterprise. The most interesting part about working on those projects is the opportunity to understand the business needs of our customers and provide technical solutions.

The thing that excites me most about coming to work each day is the challenge. Every morning when I wake up, I wonder what challenges I’m going to have to face today. Each challenge is unique and interesting, and the reward is the camaraderie among the individuals I work with.

I like the people here. Everyone is always looking out for what’s best for the company. I’ve been here for more than 15 years, right out of school, and I can definitely say that I made the right choice when I came to work for Verisk.

Kristina Suppo

Assistant Manager, Commercial Auto

“I am continually growing.”

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Year of Hire: 2001
Department: Commercial Auto
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts/Humanities, Villanova University
  • Master of Arts, Social Work, Rutgers University
  • Associate in General Insurance (AIS)
  • Associate in Insurance Services (AINS)

I review and oversee commercial automobile insurance line analysts’ revisions for ISO’s Commercial Lines Manual. Insurers use the manual and its revisions to help develop their insurance policies and rates. I also collaborate with other departments to ensure we release quality products that comply with each state’s insurance laws. I use my writing and analytical skills frequently to research and write summaries on court decisions and laws and for insurance department correspondence. I also respond to various customer inquiries about our products.

I enjoy the research involved in creating and improving our products, as well as the interaction with others at ISO. I truly feel challenged by my work, and I like that I’m continually growing as an employee through all the projects I’ve been involved with.

ISO has enhanced my career in many ways. I began as a publication support analyst, editing and reformatting filings created by commercial and personal insurance line analysts. After three years, I had the opportunity to work in the general liability line division. During my years in general liability, I handled a multitude of projects. I wrote policy language, researched cases and laws, made presentations, mentored coworkers, and served as a member of several insurance lines committees.

This past year, I was promoted to assistant manager in the commercial auto line division. So far, it’s been an amazing experience. Not only do I get to use my insurance lines knowledge, but I’ve also had the opportunity to help other line analysts realize their own potential.

I’ve made many friends at ISO. Our company has encouraged my growth as an individual. For example, ISO supports my participation in several insurance-related courses and exams. ISO also has a community involvement program that lets me participate in a volunteer reading program. In addition, our company offers a health and wellness program, which has motivated me to keep fit and taught me ways to maintain my health.

Shawn Deane

Medicare Compliance Manager
ISO Claims Partners

“My goal, in the end, is always to help. It is also my reward.”

Location: North Reading, Massachusetts
Year of Hire: 2009
Department: MSP Department/Operations
Degrees and Certifications:

  • B.M.Ed., Music Education, Berklee College of Music
  • M.Ed., School Guidance Counseling, Cambridge College
  • J.D. Massachusetts School of Law
  • Medicare Set-Aside Consultant Certified (MSCC)
  • Certified Medicare Secondary Payer Professional (CMSP)

I love helping people. The nature of my work requires me to be an expert in a very specialized area of the law. I’m a self-described “Medicare and insurance geek,” and I wear it as a badge of honor. I enjoy nothing more than walking clients through very difficult matters, making the complicated simple, and astonishing them with the results I am able to achieve. Even though the laws and regulations that guide the compliance decisions I recommend are complex, I never present them that way. To some, healthcare compliance is dry and boring, but to me it’s rich and exciting. I get animated and passionate when I talk to people about what I do. I take pride in never ending a conference call, e-mail exchange, or presentation if there is confusion or if outstanding questions remain. My goal, in the end, is always to help. It’s also my reward.

ISO Claims Partners is a full-service Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance provider. MSP laws and regulations are intricate and always changing, but at their core, they require that Medicare’s interests be protected so that Medicare always pays second when it’s not responsible for paying first. It sounds simple enough. However, the statutes, regulations, administrative guidelines, and case law decisions are complex, convoluted, and constantly changing. The MSP rules place a heavy burden on insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and self-insureds to identify and reimburse certain claims that Medicare has paid; to project anticipated future Medicare-covered medical expenses that a claimant might need post settlement; and to report data electronically to Medicare regarding certain pending claims and settlements. The risk and exposure for failure to comply properly is high, and it’s critical that affected parties comply.

Dede Ba

Actuarial Associate Senior
ISO Insurance Programs and Analytic Services

“My work requires critical thinking and good problem-solving skills.”

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Year of Hire: 2005
Department: Commercial Multi-Line Actuarial
Degrees and Certifications:

  • M.S. in Math, Illinois State University
  • M.S. in Applied Economics, Illinois State University
  • Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society (FCAS)
  • Member of the American Academy of Actuaries (MAAA)

I’m a member of the team that performs ISO’s commercial general liability loss cost reviews and files our findings with state departments of insurance. We also spend a significant amount of time researching various issues that affect general liability insurance, such as frequency and severity trends. That type of research is possible thanks to ISO’s large state-of-the-art databases.

My work requires critical thinking and good problem-solving skills. We must constantly adapt to the dynamic nature of the insurance industry and keep abreast of the latest actuarial techniques in ratemaking to continue to provide products that are relevant and of good quality.

ISO is a leader in the property/casualty industry. It’s amazing how many times I’ve read insurance-related books and articles or attended seminars and seen our company mentioned again and again. That, I believe, attests to the quality of the people working here and the importance of ISO to the insurance industry.

ISO’s employees are very knowledgeable and eager to help. The work environment is just great. I have the privilege of collaborating with people who I’ve come to admire greatly over the years.

Arindam Samanta, Ph.D.

Director, Product Management and Innovation
Verisk Insurance Solutions

as 1

“We’re passionate about our products and focused on our customers — and we partner with customers for their success.”

Location: Lexington, Massachusetts
Year of Hire: 2011
Department: Insurance Vertical
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor and Master of Science, Applied Geology, Indian Institute of Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Earth and Environment, Boston University

I manage our growing portfolio of property-specific, peril-related underwriting products, which include FireLine, Verisk’s wildfire risk management product for the insurance industry, and Hail Damage and Risk Scores. I’m intimately involved in developing and managing new products and services, including Respond for tornado and wildfire monitoring as well as other satellite- and radar-based products and services. I work very closely with our marketing and sales teams and with our customers, who greatly appreciate our efforts.

I focus on creating value for our customers, using my scientific and technical expertise in several areas, including advanced satellite remote sensing and image science, climate dynamics and change, data science, and natural hazard risk analysis. I’m a member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

My work gives me the opportunity to tackle a variety of challenges and develop ideas into new products and services. I work in a professional and friendly environment and enjoy stimulating interactions with colleagues and management every day. Verisk Insurance Solutions offers state-of-the-art resources and excellent growth opportunities based on merit. We’re passionate about our products and focused on our customers — and we partner with customers for their success.

Rafael Sanchez

Senior Field Representative
Verisk Commercial Insurance Solutions

“The best thing about working for ISO is the people.”

Location: Central Region, New Jersey
Year of Hire: 1990

As a field representative in the New Jersey–New York area for the past 20 years, I’ve surveyed industrial, commercial, and residential properties for loss cost evaluation (rating) and underwriting purposes for the insurance industry. I also help and mentor other field reps in both field operations and in-house protocols. And I conduct field audits on the work of my fellow field reps.

My job as a field rep is always exciting: I’m always doing something different. In a single day, I might survey a restaurant, a furniture manufacturer, and a single-family home. On other days, I might write up reports. Working as a field representative is far from monotonous. I spend some days working at home and others driving up to 200 miles, surveying various properties. I’m happy to have a job that I enjoy and keeps me motivated.

The best thing about working for ISO is the people. The camaraderie, respect, and kindness that I’ve always received from coworkers, managers, the regional processing center, and home office staff make our company’s environment a great place to work. I also like the well-deserved reputation ISO has in the field. Our reputation is important in receiving cooperation from clients. ISO’s field representatives also benefit from the company’s policy of educating staff with both new information and reviewing important material. It’s also great as a field rep to have a huge support system, from local managers to the RPC and home office.

Sal Marino

Vice President of Business Development and Logistics
Verisk Crime Analytics

“I would happily recommend Verisk to anyone seeking employment as a place one might look to for a career and not just a job.”

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Year of Hire: 2009
Department: CargoNet

As vice president of business development and logistics services for CargoNet, my responsibilities fall into two main categories. First, I’m responsible for strategic account development with a focus on the supply chain. Second, I look to identify business partners both internally and externally whose products and services align with CargoNet’s business strategy. CargoNet provides cargo theft data to law enforcement and CargoNet members to identify cargo theft trends and patterns and help them understand their risk as it relates to cargo theft.

I enjoy coming to work each day because of the people. Everyone I’ve worked with is professional, courteous, and seemingly fulfilled and happy. There is a level of courtesy and trust from management to its employees. This confidence, along with the flexible hours and dress attire, lend to an entrepreneurial spirit and culture.

The physical work environment is gorgeous: It’s clean with plenty of room, which provides a pleasant workday experience. The view of the New York City skyline is motivating. If I want to take a brisk walk along the Hudson on my break to recharge, it’s only a few steps away.

From my very first interview, I could tell this was a company I wanted to work for. In the past, I've had interviews with other organizations and often felt like it was an interrogation, as if they wanted me to fail. Here at Verisk, I was asked relevant questions that allowed me to highlight my strengths and speak freely about my shortcomings without fear of being judged. It was encouraging to the say the least. And once I was hired, I had everything I needed in the first week of my start date. That’s a sharp contrast to my experiences with previous employers. I've had my share of jobs where I waited months for a laptop, phone, work space, and training.

The corporate communication is frequent and courteous, and the company provides contacts and resources for personal and professional development. Other highlights are the health, life, and dental benefits; tuition reimbursement; and gym membership discounts. These are all things that go a long way and separate a good company from an excellent one.

From my conversations with coworkers, it seems the turnover rate here is quite low. Most of the people I talk to have been here for 15 or 20 years or more — a true testament to the culture, experience, and stability Verisk offers its employees. I would happily recommend Verisk to anyone seeking employment as a place one might look to for a career and not just a job.

James Qu

Applications Operator I
Verisk Information Technology

“The employees at Verisk are like my second family.”

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Year of Hire: 2006
Department: IS&T
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Stony Brook University
  • Bachelor of Science, Applied Math and Statistics, Stony Brook University
  • A+ Certification
  • Network+ Certification

As a computer specialist at Verisk, I support the workers' compensation and commercial lines divisions, doing daily processing, ad hoc requests from client insurance agencies, and database updates during quarterly closeouts. The processing I do is submitted to the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) to satisfy regulatory requirements, and the updates help form the basis for loss costs and other insurance data for our business units.

The employees at Verisk are like my second family. The talent pool is always ready to teach and explain things to junior-level employees. The most exciting thing about Verisk is learning something new every day.

Verisk provides a challenging environment for individuals who have the right attitude and a motivation to succeed. Our company has made several key acquisitions over the years and has a strong potential for future growth. The opportunities for continuing education and job-related training are outstanding. Verisk has a good work/home balance that features programs such as flextime and offers company-sponsored softball and bowling teams.

Robert Weis

Lead Web Engineer
Verisk Insurance Solutions – Underwriting

“I work with smart and talented people who challenge but respect each other.”

Location: San Francisco, California
Year of Hire: 2005
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, University of California at Santa Barbara

As lead web engineer, I’m responsible for delivering useful, reliable, and efficient software that meets the objectives of our company. I do that by taking in various perspectives of the business from senior management, operations, marketing, IT, and vendors. Then I work with a great development team to create the software.

I’m the lead for the design, development, and deployment of new web applications, services, and enhancements to existing business applications. To ensure our products meet our business needs, I coordinate testing, evaluation, and validation of new functions and processes. I also resolve issues in our software and services.

It’s an exciting time. We’ve been working on a major initiative to migrate our legacy systems to a new platform for both hardware and software. There’s a lot of work to do, and it’s both challenging and very rewarding to see our work go from design to development, testing, and finally to production.

Our company has a great environment — just the right blend of relaxed and professional. And the location is great, as we’re in the Financial District of San Francisco with a view of the bay. I really appreciate working with smart and talented people who challenge but respect each other. At the end of the day, everyone knows we’re a team and how important it is to keep our customers happy.

Dane Oborn

Project Manager

“I feel part of the bigger picture.”

Location: Orem, Utah
Year of Hire: 2006
Department: Implementation
Degrees and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Foreign Language, Brigham Young University

As project manager for Xactware, I design and manage the development cycle for our product. I work closely with our customers to incorporate their feedback into the software I’m designing. I look for opportunities to improve our product and make it more valuable and appealing to our customers.

I have the benefit of having a highly technical job while at the same time working closely with our customers. I’m able to assist a lot of people each day and teach them how to be more efficient in using our products to improve their work. I get a lot of satisfaction helping people increase their productivity and knowledge.

The high-caliber people at Xactware are easy to work with, teach me ways to improve my own job skills, and create a comfortable work environment. This atmosphere allows for a lot of innovation and collaboration.

At Xactware, I feel part of the bigger picture. I'm comfortable giving my feedback about the company, and I know that my suggestions and concerns will be heard. Our goals are communicated to everyone so that together we can focus our efforts on attaining them. Employees are cared for. I know my efforts are noticed and the company will help me improve my skills and give me the experience I need to move ahead.