Unique Solutions to 2016 Industry Challenges

By Robert Lewis  |  April 12, 2016

Insurers are facing tough challenges in 2016 and ISO Claims Partners is working with you to meet these challenges in unique ways.

As the industry confronts greater pressures to reduce expenses and increase efficiency, carriers need to partner with solutions providers that embody agility and inventiveness. We are honored and proud that our parent company, Verisk Analytics, ISO Claims Partners’ parent company, was named the 18th Most Innovative company in the world by Forbes Magazine. It is our mission to bring this level of innovation to our clients to improve claims outcomes every day.

Data-first problem solving

We look to the data first when solving problems.  Information from more than 1 billion claims informs the analytics of our solutions.  More data provides better insight, allowing you to solve problems faster, make better decisions, uncover cost-mitigation opportunities, and aggressively limit past and future medical exposure.  These tremendous data resources are essential to providing your business with custom workflows to improve Medicare compliance outcomes, analytic resources to identify exploding workers’ compensation and liability claims, and compliance services developed for prompt and efficient resolution.

Remarkable results with Program-Level Solutions

Our program-level solutions enable you to do things you may never have thought possible, by combining data and analytics to drive better outcomes through our Navigator platform:

  • Medicare compliance = MSP NavigatorTM
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Triage = wcNavigator®
  • Liability / Personal Injury Claims assessment – Liability NavigatorTM

Trends and Opportunities

Right now we are hearing a lot about the Commercial Repayment Center (CRC) and how it’s changing Medicare compliance.  Our MSP NavigatorTM and CP Link products were designed with this process change in mind; they simply and efficiently solve this new recovery problem while providing a tremendous ROI.

Our goal remains constant – to save you time and money while simplifying the claims handling process. I am available to you for any questions you may have about our program, and would look forward to learning how we could best serve you in 2016. Please feel free to contact me directly at Rob.Lewis@verisk.com.

Rob Lewis

Robert Lewis is president of ISO Claims Partners, a leading provider of compliance services for many of the world’s largest insurers, third-party administrators, and Fortune 1000 companies. His primary focus is on strategic initiatives and product innovations.