Oregon DMV to begin issuing alphanumeric customer numbers

By Lacy Berthold  |  October 24, 2013

After October 21, 2013, the Oregon Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will begin issuing seven-character alphanumeric customer numbers to replace the alpha-only numbers that now appear on newly issued Oregon driver’s licenses, identification cards, and permits. In most cases, the customer number is the driver’s license number. The change won’t affect existing DMV customers.

Insurers should verify their systems will be able to process alpha characters; the change won’t affect Oregon reporting through CV-ALIR®.

Only new customers who have never had a transaction with the Oregon DMV will receive the alphanumeric customer numbers. Each new customer number will continue to identify that customer for life.

The Oregon DMV created the new identifier because it will soon exhaust the supply of numeric-only customer numbers. The alphanumeric series will provide a new supply of unique customer numbers.

The state is working to make law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and private industry aware of the change to ensure Oregon residents don’t encounter service interruptions because their Oregon driver’s license or identification card displays an alphanumeric customer number.

Go to the Oregon DMV website for additional information.

If you’re a CV-ALIR customer and have any questions, please contact CV-ALIR support at 1-866-733-9900, or send an e-mail to support@cv-alir.com.

Lacy Muntean

Lacy Berthold is Supervisor over the CV-Exchange Support Team. She is responsible for on-boarding new customers and providing ongoing support to both customers and trading partners.