Supply Chain

We help to optimize the global wheels of commerce, improve human safety, and enable a more sustainable world. We do this by applying analytic insights to risk-adjust supply chain decisions.


Achieve risk-adjusted supply chain optimization

Through Verisk supply chain risk assessment and management, manufacturers, retailers, transportation companies, and others gain the tools, databases, and systems to achieve supply chain optimization. We help you forecast demand more accurately, manage and mitigate the effects of current and future disruptions, ensure compliance, and deliver goods securely.

Verisk helps you solve the supply chain challenge

We work with you to develop a comprehensive supply chain risk management plan that fits your needs—and is successful from start to finish. We help you:

  • create effective communications and manage real-time decision making
  • establish flexibility, efficiency, and risk mitigation throughout your supply chain
  • achieve better communications with staff, customers, and business partners
  • handle constantly changing global and local regulations
  • decide what business interruption and contingent business interruption coverage you need

We help you in these key areas, letting you navigate the route from production through transportation to final sale: