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Verisk’s Pre-MSA and Cost Mitigation Provider Outreach Service: Take Control Early to Reduce MSA Costs and Get Claims Settled

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Identifying MSA costs drivers early in the claims cycle is the important first step in reducing MSA costs. From there, building proactive cost-mitigation strategies considering CMS trends is a vital next step to actually reducing reduce MSA allocations. The concepts are simple - but far too often these critical points are missed leading to spiraling costs, high MSA allocations, and unsettled claims.

Good news: Verisk’s Pre-MSA and Cost Mitigation Provider Outreach service will put you back in driver’s seat! Our experienced MSA team helps you identify MSA cost-drivers upfront and devise targeted strategies to reduce costs. Through the cost-mitigation provider outreach component, we help you contact the claimant’s treating providers to obtain the necessary information and documentation to further drive savings. In 2022, the cost-mitigation service achieved more than $75 million in cost reductions for our clients.

Presentation Date:

June 22, 2023


Angela Wolfe APRN, MS, JD, MSCC, CLCP,

Jennifer Gallagher RN, CCM, MSCC

Christina Hill, MSCC, FCXC

Mark Popolizio, J.D

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