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See Around Corners? With Aggregated Data You Can

On demand webinar

Listen along as Verisk’s insurance technology experts share ideas and concepts related to data aggregation and claim automation. Join Shane Riedman and Scott Newkirk as they combine concepts of data science with social science to explore the ways analytics can reduce friction in claim processing while paying dividends in the form of measured fraud mitigation and discuss technical concepts through a business lens.

Listeners will learn about the following topics and why they matter now to insurers:

  • The view you only get with aggregation
  • Multiple-theme aggregation and where we started
  • Challenges of entity resolution and normalization
  • What’s next for aggregation

Who Should Watch:

All levels of claims and SIU personnel, including SIU leaders and analysts; Investigators; Claims Executives and Managers; Data Scientists

Presentation Date:

Monday, August 9, 2021


Shane A. Riedman, JD, FCLS
AVP Product Innovation
ISO Claims Solutions

Scott Newkirk
Director Network Analytics
ISO Claims Solutions

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