Enhance Your Property Underwriting With Claims-Based Data 

On Demand Webinar

Reconstruction costs in the United States and Canada have increased significantly during the pandemic, with the price of some materials, like lumber, rising persistently with growing demand. But costs, including labor, materials, and equipment, can change rapidly and vary significantly by location. Component-based replacement cost estimates based on actual claims data can help property insurers address these challenges during underwriting.
In this webinar, learn how the reliable pricing data and underwriting-claims integration of 360Value® can help improve your underwriting and ensure your customers have the right amount of coverage.

Who Should Watch:

Carriers; underwriting managers; loss control and marketing personnel; agents; brokers

Presentation Date:

Monday April 19, 2021


Trish Hopkinson
Product Director, 360Value

Aaron Brunko
Senior Vice President, Product

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