Verisk develops new coverage options in response to coronavirus

The World Health Organization has declared the 2019 Novel Coronavirus a “public health emergency of international concern.”1 Thought to have spread from animals to humans in Wuhan, China, the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19, for short) has become a closely-watched epidemic, infecting over 43,000 people globally and killing over 1000 (as of this writing).2

In response to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, Verisk has developed two advisory, optional endorsements designed for use with existing ISO Commercial Property business interruption coverage.

Coronavirus Threat: Verisk Perspectives On A Global Risk

The first endorsement provides limited coverage in the event that a business suspends operations due to a closure or quarantine ordered by a civil authority. This endorsement also provides coverage with respect to dependent property that is named in the policy and for vehicles and mobile equipment, where applicable.

The second endorsement also provides coverage when a business is forced to suspend operations due to the closure (or restricted use) of public bus, rail, or ferry lines by civil authorities.

Insurers who choose to offer the endorsements in the admitted market will need to make appropriate regulatory filings on their own.

The Coronavirus endorsements are available to ISOnet users in our recent circular. If you're an ISOnet customer, be sure to visit the ISO Emerging Issues website.

Verisk hosted a free webinar exploring the potential business, insurance, and supply-chain impacts of the Coronavirus outbreak. Watch the webinar on demand: Coronavirus Threat: Verisk Perspectives on a Global Risk.

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Doug Kahn

Doug Kahn, CPCU, AMIM, AIM, AIS, AINS, is the director of commercial property product development at ISO. You can contact him at

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