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Onboarding case study: Preplanning and documentation

The implementation of new products or services can be challenging for customers. We’ve been on both sides of the equation, and we’ve drawn from that experience to develop some best practices for onboarding. Verisk created an implementation process for ProMetrix® solutions that’s fast, efficient, and supported, but flexible enough to handle each customer’s specific needs.  

Case study: Preplanning and proper documentation

While preplanning the implementation for a major Verisk customer, it became clear to us that this customer’s internal processes relied more heavily on documentation than most. Our team was quick to adapt our preplanning process to take this into consideration, and we promptly responded to the customer’s needs.

To help make sure the customer felt prepared for the integration, we compiled a large set of use cases with a correlated data dictionary. Each use case highlighted a subset of data that resulted from a specific workflow. The documentation served as a useful tool for the customer’s developers. It also facilitated their business users’ understanding of the variety of problems our data could help solve for them. We supplemented the use cases with sample workflow diagrams to encourage best practices in integrating our many systems.

Because we adjusted our preplanning to include the emphasis on documentation, we were well prepared for the kickoff meeting and had our subject matter expert on hand. So efficient was our documentation that the customer used it as created and hit the ground running in one of our quickest implementations to date. We also provided additional tech conversations as needed.

The result? A fast and simple implementation that allowed our customer to get right to work.

For more information, read the ProMetrix onboarding brochure.

Jonathan Chandranathan

Jonathan Chandranathan is a technical lead at Verisk. You can contact Jonathan at

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