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ISO Education releases 30 e-learning courses in first year

By Kevin Williams  |  December 7, 2017

ISO Education e-learning

More than a year has passed since our online learning platform, ISO Education, went live. And in that time, more than 30 new courses have been released that offer training on a wide range of ISO products.

But perhaps more important than the number of courses is the response from customers. In the past year, ISO Education has attracted more than 3,000 course enrollments. That’s an average of nine courses every day of the year.

The evolution of ISO education

ISO Education began with a focus on the basics of ISO’s core services: five courses to help customers use ISOnet® more effectively. Courses such as “How ISO Develops Advisory Prospective Loss Costs” offered insight into how we develop estimates of future loss costs to help insurers make more informed pricing decisions. The course “Understanding ISO Circulars” explored the variety and structure of ISO circulars, which provide vital information on a wide range of industry developments and ISO activities.

Later in the year, other courses were added, including some on new products such as ISO Market LandscapeTM and ISO’s Mozart Form ComposerTM. The ISO Education portal was also redesigned to make it easier for users to navigate the site and find the courses they need, with direct links to introductory and new courses on the home page.

The future of ISO Education

In the coming year, ISO Education courses will continue to cover the basics. But we’ll also provide training on specific lines of business, such as commercial and personal property, from both core services and underwriting perspectives. As new programs for cyber, flood, and home healthcare enter the market, we’ll provide content that helps users understand and address those risks.

Finally, as part of our continuing improvement program, we’ve initiated an ISO Education User Group that meets quarterly through WebEx. The next meeting is in February. If you're interested in participating, please contact me at I’d love to know your thoughts on how to make ISO Education even better in the years to come.

Kevin Williams is director of customer training and implementation.