GAO denies WCRC bid protests

BidIn July 2017, CMS awarded the Workers’ Compensation Review Contract (WCRC) bid to Capitol Bridge, LLC. The WCRC is tasked with reviewing and approving WCMSA submissions. In response to CMS’ award, KEN Consulting, Inc. and Arch System, LLC filed formal bid protests with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) challenging CMS’ award to Capitol Bridge, LLC.

The (GAO) has now posted a notice indicating that they have denied the bid protests filed by KEN Consulting, Inc. and Arch System, LLC. The actual details are limited since the summaries for both decisions are covered by a protective order and have not been posted for public release yet. The GAO notice can be obtained here.

On a related note, the GAO website does not contain any information about a bid protest by PRI, the current WCRC. We will continue to monitor the GAO site for any additional news on this front. In the meantime, the GAO’s denial of KEN Consulting’s and Arch System’s bid protests takes Capitol Bridge, LLC one step closer to a full transition in their new role as CMS’ WCRC.

ISO CP will continue to monitor all developments in this area and provide updates as warranted.

Sid Wong

Sid Wong is assistant vice president of policy at ISO Claims Partners, a Verisk business. You can contact Sid at

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