Leverage telematics data and analytics to elevate your personal auto business and engage customers from quote to claim.

Driving behavior is a valuable loss predictor, but usage-based insurance (UBI) poses implementation challenges for most insurers—from managing data to scoring results and clearing regulatory hurdles.

The Verisk Data Exchange™ normalizes multisource telematics data, scores it with predictive analytics, and helps you stay compliant—delivering cost savings and a great customer experience.


A full range of personal auto solutions

The first-of-its-kind Verisk Data Exchange™: Personal Auto fuels powerful personal auto solutions with driving history data from automakers. Discover our solutions for the North American and EU/UK markets.

Verified Mileage

Get accurate, timely mileage directly from connected cars for point of sale, renewal, and pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) rating plans—no device required.

Verisk Driving Score™

Measure driving behavior risk through our claims-based driving score, filed and ready to use in 43 states. Learn more.

Driver Feedback

Engage customers with web- and smartphone-enabled, trip-level feedback to encourage safer driving, reduce claims, and trigger discounts.

Verisk Driving Data

Rate applicants and score driving behavior more accurately with event-level driving data sent directly from connected cars after each trip.


Instant Telematics Analysis

Learn from your own data—in just three days—how UBI can help you achieve growth and profitability. Learn more.

Model-ready Data

Build your own scoring models and new products with secure, anonymized, aggregated VIN-level driving data. Learn more.

Discount Alert

Target qualified, segmented leads for connected cars. Learn more.

You win

  • Optimized pursuit of low-mileage and safe drivers
  • Speed to market with ISO prefiled rating rules
  • Research and product development powered by Model-Ready Data
  • Loss control through safe-driving incentives

Your customers win

  • Fast, informed quotes at point of sale and renewal
  • Discount potential for low-risk or lower-mileage drivers
  • Convenient access to UBI offers
  • Potential safety improvements through feedback


Accelerating Your Telematics Journey

Whether you are just getting started with telematics or looking to scale your usage-based insurance program, the Verisk Data Exchange™ has the experience to help you succeed.

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Telematics, here and now

In the fast-paced world of connected autos, the future has arrived: eight of the top ten personal auto insurers have implemented their own UBI programs.

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UBI: A tool for growth and inclusion

Can auto insurers seize an opportunity to potentially grow by more than 10 percent without directly engaging their competitors' client base?

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Machine learning for UBI: An optimal path to insurance ratemaking?

Anyone who relies on automated vehicle navigation systems while driving in congested traffic knows to disregard the principle that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The same could be said of traditional insurance ratemaking approaches.

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Take your UBI program to the next level

Learn more about how the Verisk Data Exchange can help you launch a UBI program or take it to the next level.

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The Verisk Telematics Innovation Center: Advancing telematics

Based in Tel Aviv, the Verisk Innovation Center plays a key role in advancing Verisk’s telematics initiative.

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Web Seminars

Dig deeper into Verisk's wide range of telematics solutions with our Web Seminars. Watch our “Connected Vehicles and Insurance: The Path to Customer Engagement” webinar.

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