Bring the value of IoT data closer to home.

The connected home is no longer science fiction—it’s fast becoming mainstream technology. Connected devices are producing abundant data, but insurers face the challenge of accessing that information and incorporating it into their workflows.

Sensor data from connected home products can power sophisticated measurement of risk-related behaviors and help insurers build personalized programs that improve the customer experience from quote to claim.



Fueling property insurance innovation

The Verisk Data Exchange™ can fuel property insurance innovation by enabling access to data-driven insights and normalized records from the fragmented smart home market. Explore with us how, with consumer consent, connected home data can improve business performance and support closer customer relationships through actionable analytics and deeper risk intelligence.

Let smart home data power solutions now and in the future

Model-ready Data

Build your own scoring capabilities and develop new products with secure, anonymized, aggregated, historical smart home data.

Discount Verification

Electronically verify that home security systems and protection-oriented smart home devices are truly active before granting insurance discounts. 

Behavioral Data

Explore future use cases across the insurance life cycle and power scoring models with rich data from a wide array of smart home products and platforms.


Reap the benefits of connected home data from the Verisk Data Exchange


Data and insights support use cases across underwriting, claims, and customer experience.

Integration efficiency

A single access point unlocks data from a range of connected home and monitored security providers.

Data harmonization

Normalized data virtually eliminates the need to manage disparate data structures across vendors.

Consumer consent

Purpose-built data-sharing features keep consumers in control and foster trust-based relationships.


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“Alexa, find insurance.”

The smart home revolution is gaining traction with mass-market consumers, and property insurers are pondering their role in the smart home ecosystem.

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Drawing claims data from smart devices

The growing penetration of security systems in U.S. households is generating enormous amounts of data for insurers to consider using in the claims process.

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Putting smart home data to the test

A smart pilot can be a starting point for insurers to explore the role of the smart home in insurance and better understand the data’s potential.

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Consumers win when builders of smart homes partner with insurers

Smart homes can provide a wealth of data for insurers, supporting more accurate, tailored underwriting and pricing, a faster claims response, and more effective customer engagement to reduce risk.

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