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State Filing Forms

Collection of Forms and Instructions



Your subscription to the online State Filing Handbook gives you access to ISO's State Filing Forms — a collection of more than 1,200 forms from around the country — together with instructions on when and how to use them.

You get all the required property/casualty and workers' compensation filing forms for the whole country — plus speed-to-market checklists. All forms are available in Microsoft® Word and interactive PDF formats, so you can view, fill out, and print your forms for filing with regulators. And for forms that require calculations, you also get an Excel version that does the math for you automatically. Of course, you can use your computer to organize and store your copies of what you've filed.


Automatically fills in common fields

Now, ISO's online collection of filing forms comes with State Filing Forms Auto-Fill — the automatic way to fill in common fields in Microsoft Word, Excel, and interactive PDF formats. You just complete one master template with information required on most filing forms. For example, enter your group name, company names, addresses, NAIC numbers, and other commonly used fields. Then, every time you open a new form, State Filing Forms Auto-Fill makes the repetitive entries, wherever they appear on the form.

You can update your master template whenever you have a change, so you'll never have to make manual updates to the basic information on multiple filing documents.

Links from the State Filing Handbook

Throughout the State Filing Handbook, you'll find convenient links that take you directly to the form you need to satisfy a particular requirement. Or, if you already know what forms you need, you can bypass the State Filing Handbook and go directly to State Filing Forms. There, a convenient web interface lets you access the required forms and checklists.

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