Query Commercial Classification Code QC3


Online looks up tool for commercial classification codes

ISO's Query Commercial Classification Code (QC3) is an online lookup tool for underwriters, actuaries, and risk managers. With QC3, you can find the correct commercial classification code for workers' compensation or general liability in a specific jurisdiction or in reference to a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) or Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code. Each search of the system displays a report that cross-references the related workers' compensation, general liability, NAICS, and SIC codes.

And QC3 is available on ISOnet® — the information source for insurance professionals — so you get real-time access to that information 24/7.


Find the correct commercial classification code quickly and easily

Until now, researching the correct commercial classification code for workers' compensation and general liability has been cumbersome and time-consuming. A single search might require queries of several sources to find, check, and cross-reference codes and confirm their appropriateness for a given jurisdiction.

You can make all that work a thing of the past. Created by ISO's experts in commercial classifications and compliance, QC3 will help you find the correct codes quickly and easily.

How it works

QC3 searches are available for workers' compensation and general liability. You can conduct a search for individual jurisdictions or for all jurisdictions.

Once you choose the type of search and jurisdiction(s), enter your search criteria. You can query by workers' compensation classification code, general liability classification code, SIC code, or NAICS code. You can even search by text string, using the classification's description or state-specific phraseology.

QC3 conducts an instant search of ISO's commercial classification code databases. The system displays the relevant workers' compensation and related general liability codes, along with the appropriate NAICS and SICS codes and state special classifications.

Each online report presents the codes as links that provide additional information from a number of outside sources. For example, the SIC and NAICS codes link to the SIC and NAICS government websites. And if your company participates with ISO and has unlimited PAAS® membership services, the workers' compensation and general liability codes link to PAAS on ISOnet.

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