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$9.7 billion in underwriting losses*

Economic trends are challenging commercial auto insurers. Premiums are up, but so are claims frequency and severity, resulting in losses outpacing premiums.

*From 2012-2016

Experience LightSpeed™

Automation, accuracy, and increased throughput for decisions supporting risk rating and underwriting.


Profitability is within your reach

Despite the market challenges, the most profitable insurers have still achieved combined ratios that average 14 points better than the industry.

The ProMetrix® – Commercial Auto suite of underwriting solutions can facilitate profitability and help you succeed in the commercial auto marketplace.

Commercial Auto Underwriting Solutions

Comprehensive risk assessment solutions for commercial auto insurers

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Commercial Auto Vehicle Prefill

Succeed in the commercial auto market—start with fast, reliable information

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Commercial Auto Firmographics

Reliable business data is a pillar of profitability

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ProMetrix - Actionable Information

ProMetrix provides granular, up-to-date data and analytics on commercial vehicles, drivers, and businesses delivered straight into your systems. In addition, we have unique and powerful solutions that answer specific challenges of the commercial auto marketplace.

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