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PAAS Technical Achievement Program (TAP)

Premium Audit Advisory Service


About the program

The PAAS® Technical Achievement Program (TAP) is a convenient, cost-effective way to train and certify employees who perform physical or telephone audits or who review audit results. Most training programs require employers to cover hotel, travel, and meal expenses. But TAP is an online self-study course. If you work for an insurance company or premium audit service company that subscribes to PAAS, these courses and exams are FREE.

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Course descriptions

TAP offers three comprehensive courses — Workers' Compensation, General Liability, and Commercial Automobile.


Workers' Compensation

  • Overview of the workers' compensation system
  • Classification terminology and procedures
  • Basis of premium
  • Executive officers
  • Subcontractors
  • Additional factors affecting coverage and classifications

General Liability

  • Legal liability and liability insurance
  • Basis of premium
  • Classification procedures for general liability
  • Manufacturing and processing risks
  • Mercantile risks
  • Contracting or servicing risks
  • Building and premises risks
  • Miscellaneous risks

Commercial Automobile

  • Introduction to commercial automobile
  • Business auto coverage form
  • Business auto coverage form — public autos
  • How to classify nonowned and hired autos
  • Truckers and motor carriers coverage forms
  • Garage coverage form

The TAP Exam

TAP offers practice exams for the standard courses (Workers' Compensation, General Liability and Commercial Automobile) only. You have three chances to take each practice exam. Once you've successfully taken the practice exams and feel you've mastered the material, you're ready to take the official online exam. You’ll have one hour to answer 25 questions for each of the TAP courses. Upon completing the exam, you'll immediately receive your results, along with constructive feedback.


Complete all three courses — Workers' Compensation, General Liability, and Commercial Automobile — and receive a Comprehensive Certificate of Achievement.

Two easy ways to register

Complete the online registration form and press Send.

Complete the online registration form, print a copy, and email it to PAAS.

To ask a question or request more information, contact Mary Madurski at 201.469.3732.

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