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Premium Audit Advisory Service


Your leading resource for premium audit and classification information

Whether you're a premium auditor, an underwriter, an agent, or a broker, ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS®) brings you valuable information and services relating to commercial casualty classification. And now, you can get electronic access to PAAS products and service in two efficient ways: through ISOnet® — the Internet information service for insurance professionals — or on PAASbase™, our multipurpose database on download option to your desktop. PAASbase gives you the vital information you need to classify policies for general liability and workers' compensation. With PAASbase, you'll benefit from accurate risk classification for correct premium charges, thus improving profitability and cash flow.

PAASbase classification information.jpg

Here's what you get

The PAASbase desktop download contains a complete reference library of information on premium audit and classification.

Follow the links for more information:

The power of PAASbase

As an added benefit, PAASbase uses browser-based software that conducts fast, user-friendly searches. The system features an improved linking function, bringing you wider-reaching searches every time. PAASbase looks and works like a website, so you can load your PAASbase desktop version directly onto your desktop. The desktop download version uses the very same powerful front-end search utility that you get with PAAS on ISOnet.

Here's a preview of the benefits you'll get from our enhanced PAASbase desktop download version:

  • Comprehensive search capability
  • Companywide access through LAN or intranet delivery
  • Increased productivity from a one-stop reference
  • Free technical consultation by email
  • Links to valuable third-party information
  • Monthly updates (the first Wednesday of the month)

How you can get PAASbase

If your company is an insurer or a premium audit service company, PAASbase is part of your subscription or service-purchase agreement.

If you're an agent or broker, you can get the same information through PAAS on ISOnet.

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