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PAAS Connect

Premium Audit Advisory Service


Interactive training courses on demand

PAAS® Connect gives your company’s staff access to numerous interactive training courses, informational sessions, and presentations about emerging issues—on demand from any computer with an Internet connection.

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PAAS Connect is an essential training tool for all insurance professionals, including:

  • Auditors with limited experience
  • Seasoned auditors who need a refresher
  • Underwriters
  • Dispute resolution staff
  • Agents and brokers

Your e-library of valuable information

PAAS Connect courses include comprehensive programs on workers' compensation, general liability, and commercial automobile, as well as stand-alone courses on a variety of soft skills and technical and management topics.

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Available course topics

Workers' Compensation

  • Session 1: Rules 1A through 1B-1
  • Session 2: Rules 1B-2 to 1B-2-d
  • Session 3: Rule 1B-3
  • Session 4: Rule 1C-1 to 1C-2-k
  • Session 5: Rule 1D to 1F
  • Session 6: Rule 2A to 2C
  • Session 7: Rule 2D to 2E
  • Session 8: Rule 2F to 2K

General Liability

  • Basis of Premium
  • Building or Premises
  • Miscellaneous Risks
  • Class Procedures
  • Construction - Contracting - Part 1
  • Construction - Subcontracting - Part 2
  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Mercantile
  • Policy Review

Soft Skills Courses

  • Confidential Data
  • Professional Conduct
  • Handling Different Types of People
  • Just released - Audit Disputes
  • Just released - Sexual Harassment
  • Just released - Mentorships
  • Just released - Time Management
  • Just released - Encountering Unusual Audit Situations

Engaging, self-paced e-learning

PAAS Connect offers a number of advantages over traditional training:

  • On demand — All training courses are available 24/7/365.
  • Hassle-free — Online modules are instantly accessible, with no additional IT or programming requirements.
  • Self-paced — Employees can take each course as many times as they like and at their own speed.
  • Free — If your company is a PAAS subscriber, your staff can take as many courses as they wish at no additional cost.
  • Trackable — Our management reports can help you track your staff’s completion rates.
  • Supported — PAAS subscribers can access email and online technical support.

Find out more

ISO’s Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS) developed PAAS Connect. Contact to schedule a consultation.

Two easy ways to register

  1. Online:
    Complete the online registration form and press Send.
  2. Email:
    Complete the online registration form, print a copy, and email it to PAAS.

To ask a question or request more information, contact Mary Madurski at 201.469.3732.

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