PAAS Connect | Interactive Training Courses on Demand

PAAS® Connect gives your company’s staff access to numerous interactive training courses, informational sessions, and presentations about emerging issues — on demand from any computer with an Internet connection.

PAAS Connect is an essential training tool for all insurance professionals, including:

  • auditors with limited experience
  • seasoned auditors who need a refresher
  • underwriters
  • dispute resolution staff
  • agents and brokers

Your e-library of valuable information

PAAS Connect courses include comprehensive programs on workers' compensation, general liability, and commercial automobile, as well as stand-alone courses on a variety of soft skills and technical and management topics. View our list of available course topics.

Engaging, self-paced e-learning

PAAS Connect offers a number of advantages over traditional training:

  • On demand — All training courses are available 24/7/365.
  • Hassle-free — Online modules are instantly accessible, with no additional IT or programming requirements.
  • Self-paced — Employees can take each course as many times as they like and at their own speed.
  • Free — If your company is a PAAS subscriber, your staff can take as many courses as they wish at no additional cost.
  • Trackable — Our management reports can help you track your staff’s completion rates.
  • Supported — PAAS subscribers can access e-mail and online technical support.

Find out more

ISO’s Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS) developed PAAS Connect. Contact to schedule a consultation.