PAAS on ISOnet

Premium Audit Advisory Service


Your leading resource for premium audit and classification information

Whether you're a premium auditor, an underwriter, an agent, or a broker, ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS®) brings you valuable information and services relating to commercial casualty classification. And now, you can get web access to a range of PAAS products and services through ISOnet®—the Internet information service for insurance professionals. PAAS info is also available on PAASbase™, our multipurpose database via direct download to your computer.

Here's what you get

PAAS on ISOnet gives you a complete reference library of information on premium audit and classification.

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The power of PAAS on ISOnet

Here's a preview of the benefits you'll get from PAAS on ISOnet:

  • Comprehensive search capability
  • Increased productivity from a one-stop reference
  • The latest info, always at your fingertips
  • Free technical advice and guidance through the Consultation link (available to participating insurers and audit-service companies only)
  • InfoLinks pages with direct links to other websites that the PAAS staff has identified as particularly useful to PAAS customers
  • Links to valuable third-party information

How you can get PAAS on ISOnet

If your company is an insurer or a premium audit service company, PAAS on ISOnet is part of your subscription or service-purchase agreement. If you're an agent or broker, you can purchase a one-year subscription to PAAS by contacting Verisk at 1-800-888-4476.