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PAAS Classification Guides

Premium Audit Advisory Service



Accurate classification of risks is an indispensable part of the premium audit process. Risk classification is also essential to underwriting and rating. To help you classify general liability and workers' compensation risks, ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS®) has developed more than 40,000 classification guides.

Available in electronic format through PAAS on ISOnet or on the PAASbase on CD, PAAS classification guides provide detailed descriptions of all ISO general liability classifications and NCCI workers' comp classifications, as well as state exceptions for both. The guides include extensive interpretations on the intent and proper application of each classification.

Here's what you get

Each guide provides comprehensive information on the operations and products that make up a particular classification code.

You get:

  • Contemplated operations — a description of the operations, suboperations, and processes used in a business with the classification code; also, if applicable, a description of the products sold or serviced by such a business
  • Operations assigned by analogy — the widest possible range of descriptions applicable to the classification code
  • Related codes — a broad list of codes for operations usually not considered within the scope of the classification (When classifying a risk, the premium auditor or underwriter needs to consider such operations separately.)

The classification guides provide interpretations on each general liability and workers' comp classification available in each state (except workers' comp monopolistic states). PAAS has assembled the information through comprehensive comparison with interpretations in other jurisdictions and research into local bureau interpretations and industry applications. You get a consolidation of interpretive information and a unique synthesis of common use — all in one source.


Cross-references and links

The electronic classification guides in PAAS on ISOnet or PAASbase give you cross-references between the applicable classification codes for general liability and workers' compensation. You also get cross-references between the new North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) and the old Standard Industrial Code (SIC) system.

And with PAAS on ISOnet or PAASbase, information about cross-references, related codes, and state exceptions is just a click away. You can link to the complete text of one or all of the related codes in a specific guide — or to all the guides that reference the code number you're researching.

You also get extensive links to specific information in the websites of 11 independent-bureau states.

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