PAAS Bulletins

Premium Audit Advisory Service



ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS®) publishes a series of bulletins to keep subscribers up to date on issues of importance to the premium audit function.

Publications in this vital series include:

  • Educational Bulletins - information on topics ranging from clarification of the basic rules and procedures to interpretations on evolving technologies
  • Board & Bureau Bulletins - bulletins and circulars issued by the independent rating bureaus
  • Legislative Bulletins - details on the latest state and federal legislation affecting the premium audit function
  • Executive Update Bulletins - publications to keep the home-office executive at each PAAS subscribing company up to date on pending legislation, changing technology and procedures, and issues before regulators
  • Products & Services Bulletins - information on the latest publications, seminars, and other services available from PAAS
  • The PAAS Electronic Newsletter - a monthly publication with information about recent changes and events affecting the premium audit professional

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Distributed electronically as attachments to email, the bulletins come out several times a month. You can also get a collection of Educational Bulletins, Board & Bureau Bulletins, and Legislative Bulletins through PAAS on ISOnet or on the PAASbase download. If your company is an insurer or a premium audit service company, PAAS bulletins are part of your subscription or service-purchase agreement.