PAAS® Basic Training Course

The PAAS® Basic Training Course is an in-depth survey of the basic coverages and premium auditing techniques for workers' compensation, general liability, and commercial automobile. Whether you’re just starting your career or want to enhance your premium audit knowledge and skills, this comprehensive five-day program will help you become more effective and efficient on the job.

Who should attend

The PAAS Basic Training Course benefits:

  • new premium auditors
  • experienced premium auditors
  • audit reviewers
  • underwriters

We strongly suggest that attendees start by studying the PAAS Training Manuals before attending this course.

Register today!

You can also arrange to have PAAS deliver the Basic Training Course to your employees at your own location. See PAAS Company-Sponsored Seminars for more information.

For more information . . .

. . . about the PAAS Basic Training Course, call Sally Nesmith at 479-365-4076, or send e-mail to