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The virtual premium audit tool from PAAS


Bring your premium auditing to the 22nd century with the virtual premium audit tool from PAAS

PAASvirtual helps premium auditors collaborate with commercial lines insurers and policyholders in real-time, using an all-in-one, fully customizable, cloud-based platform.

Complimentary Webinar: How COVID-19 Could Change the Future of Premium Audit

Maximize Opportunity In A Post Covid 19 World

Complimentary Webinar: How COVID-19 Could Change the Future of Premium Audit

After all of the changes your premium audit department implemented in reaction to the pandemic, what has proven effective? Is there anything that will remain the same once the world returns to “normal?”

PAASvirtual an InsurTech solution to streamline the premium audit process

Bring Your Premium Auditing To The 22nd Century

PAASvirtual helps users increase audit production levels and substantially reduces expenses by eliminating time-consuming travel.

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PAASvirtual empowers users to:

Paasvirtual Empowers Users

PAASvirtual empowers users to:

  • Host and record meetings during the audit life cycle
  • Invite collaborators, like underwriters, to review important documents regarding a policyholder
  • Have the ability to limit the access of certain collaborators to specified records
  • Save all calls, documents, and files in a single place
  • Archive completed projects
  • Use more than 50 preexisting templates to send to customers for completion 
  • Create questions and customizable forms
  • Have use of a shared calendar to mark deadlines for the auditor and policyholder
  • Use API to tie into proprietary and vendor systems

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