ISO Market Landscape

Visualize your company's results and compare them to statistics from ISO's database.


Analyze, Illustrate, and Strategize

If you're like many insurers, you benchmark against the historical performance of your own book of business. Unfortunately, that may not provide a true indication of performance. To assess your portfolio accurately, look to ISO Market Landscape.

This dynamic interactive dashboard visualizes your company's results and compares them to statistics from ISO's database—one of the largest property/casualty insurance databases in the world.

With ISO Market Landscape you can:

  • analyze profitability and loss statistics easily by geography, risk class, and trend
  • illustrate your performance against key benchmarks with interactive charts, graphs, and maps
  • enhance your strategic planning with customizable views on specific lines of business

Tools to discover potential areas for growth

  • Heat maps of the United States enable you to explore loss ratios on a national, state, and regional level.
  • Scatter plots illustrate which territories have the best combination of volume and profitability by line of business.
  • Bar charts rank markets that present the greatest profit opportunities and highlight where your portfolio deviates from other insurers on an aggregate level.

Introducing ISO Market Landscape

Learn how you can access robust data that provides true insight and address your critical questions, such as:

-How is my portfolio performing against aggregated results of other insurers?

-What are the areas of my business that need the most attention?


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