How automated is your analytical workflow?

ISO Rapid Valuator delivers a ground-up and excess loss cost analysis nearly instantly.

ISO Rapid Valuator contains loss costs for:









in losses


Features and benefits

When automation meets unmatched data assets, you can:

  • Build automated loss cost estimations across multiple risks characteristics and COPE adjustments
  • Integrate catastrophe models for alternative minor catastrophe and hurricane estimates
  • Support portfolio reviews and update actuarial assumptions
  • Access prebuilt and customizable factors for multicountry analysis
  • Create renewal and multiyear price monitors
  • Perform multilocation premium allocations
  • Evaluate market entry and exit opportunities

Compare and contrast lost costs models across geographies.

ISO Rapid Valuator 1.jpg

ISO Rapid Valuator 2.jpg

Left: ISO Rapid Valuator compares two restaurants, including adjustments by portfolio and by individual account.

Right: Leverage a number of standard industry curves, including ISO’s PSOLD: Commercial Property Size-of-Loss Database models, Lloyds, MBBEFD, and custom exposure curves.

Casualty Solutions

Property Solutions


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