Complete a ground-up and excess loss cost analysis within five minutes

Our powerful pricing tool helps insurers independently analyze their own customized loss cost results in two easy steps:

  • Gather detailed individual exposure data in Microsoft® Excel
  • Paste into ISO Rapid Valuator and calculate results

After generating the loss costs, you can aggregate and review the information in many segments to evaluate market entry and exit opportunities and investigate other strategies. You can then easily include the detailed and aggregated lost cost results into your own systems and workflow for final pricing.

See the full list of occupancies and coverages and peril components.

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ISO Rapid Valuator gives you the power to:

  • Automate detailed ground-up loss costs calculations from individual exposures, make adjustments, and test scenarios
  • Customize results using your own experience and judgment and a solid foundation
  • Produce renewal and multiyear price monitors tracking actual charged premiums versus consistent benchmark loss costs
  • Perform multilocation premium allocations based on a full set of exposure characteristics for each underlying location

Excess layering

The E&S and reinsurance markets also make heavy usage of layering for reinsuring risks. For example, the E&S writer may take a 25 percent share of a $2.5 million xs $2.5 million layer for a $10 million risk. The Commercial Property Size-of-Loss Database (PSOLD™) model links seamlessly to ISO Rapid Valuator, including syndication capabilities when needed. You can quickly see the layer results on the individual exposures and in the aggregate across all exposures.

ISO Rapid Valuator is a combination of two Verisk E&S offerings: the ISO portal and PSOLD. The ISO portal provides the database you need to run ISO Rapid Valuator, and PSOLD provides the excess layering capabilities. You can also directly import from catastrophe model exposure submissions, such as the Touchstone® model from AIR Worldwide.