Pricing trends by premium size, state, and line of insurance

Anticipating the direction of the insurance market is critical for making financially sound underwriting decisions, accurately pricing your products, and sharpening your competitive edge. But without solid competitive data, how can you be sure your strategies are on target?


ISO MarketWatch® reports can help

ISO MarketWatch allows you to analyze pricing trends and market cycles by premium size, state, and line of insurance. Unlike other surveys often used to monitor premium changes, ISO MarketWatch uses actual rate changes from matched policies drawn from nearly 4 billion records reported to ISO from 800 commercial insurers.

ISO MarketWatch reports are a valuable tool for:

  • Measuring the effect of pricing cycles and market turns by premium size, state, and line of insurance
  • Strategically planning business expansion
  • Supporting your underwriting and actuarial functions
  • Performing benchmark analysis for pricing and reserving

ISO releases ISO MarketWatch quarterly information 60 to 75 days after each quarter ends. The renewal reports include multiple years of historical data on voluntary market business. You select the line of insurance (general liability, commercial auto, commercial fire and allied lines, and businessowners) and sublines you want to analyze. Detailed information by effective month/year and state are available for further review.

The reports now also include detailed results by premium size. The information is quickly available for you to analyze market cycle trends and the latest monthly and quarterly rate changes at a detailed level. You can also investigate state competitive indexes by line and subline.