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New report coming soon: Verisk Perspectives - An ISO Emerging Issues Publication

Verisk Perspectives will offer commentary and analyses from experts across multiple Verisk business units on a range of health and safety topics including civil unrest, COVID-19, the environment, oil, gas, and energy, among many others.

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COVID-19 Resources for Property and Casualty Insurers

The COVID-19 Resources for Property and Casualty Insurers page considers developments caused by the rapid spread of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and its potential range of impacts across the insurance industry. Stay aware of various insurance implications arising from COVID-19.

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The 2020 ISO Emerging Issues bracket challenge is complete!

Seemingly unprecedented consequences from the spread of novel coronavirus brought a new issue to the top of the 2020 ISO EI bracket challenge: Pandemic

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Here are a few excerpts from recent articles on ISO Emerging Issues:

Autonomous Vehicles
California Approves New AV Regulations

Drones Damage Planes More Than Birds Do

Medical Marijuana and Opioids

Researchers Map Nanoparticle Behavior

Virtual Currencies
Protecting Virtual Currencies

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