Reliable data you can act on

The international community demands actionable and reliable underwriting data, something that’s been lacking in many regions. Speed to market with accurate pricing is vital, and specific information on properties is critical. Verisk’s commercial property data has set the standard in the United States for accurate, reliable risk data and analytics for underwriting and rating purposes. Now we’re responding to the global need with our single-source report that’s currently used by hundreds of U.S. insurers that order millions of reports annually.


Verisk’s Underwriters Advantage Report

In the Underwriters Advantage Report, you get a more complete view of the risks associated with a property—with information (depending upon region) on property location, aerial imagery, building construction characteristics, occupancy data, fire protection, flood and wind risks, natural hazards, and crime. The Underwriters Advantage Report is based on exterior observation of the property, proprietary Verisk data and analytics, and third-party sources.

Our Underwriters Advantage Report will soon be introduced in Hong Kong and Singapore, with many other countries to follow.

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