Identify and combat garaging fraud

GarageConfirm™ helps you identify and combat garaging fraud. Tapping into DRN’s vehicle location database containing more than 4 billion license plate sightings, GarageConfirm measures the time, frequency, and proximity of vehicle sightings relative to a given address.


How does it work?

Grouping data into clusters of sightings, GarageConfirm tells you where a vehicle has been recently identified and delivers the associated loss costs and premium differentials. You can use such data at point of sale or renewal—before binding—to help confirm the validity of garaging addresses and commute mileage provided by policyholders, spot red flags that need further investigation, and recover lost premium.

You can also use GarageConfirm in conjunction with other Verisk offerings, such as RISK:check® Point of Sale, to identify the fraud risk associated with an applicant.